'Love is Blind: Japan': Midori feels like she's drowning in Wataru's affection

'Love is Blind: Japan': Midori feels like she's drowning in Wataru's affection
Midori from 'Love is Blind: Japan' (@doridori_midori/Instagram)

In the latest episodes of 'Love is Blind: Japan', Midori finds herself questioning if Wataru is the person she sees herself spending the next 50-60 years with. She also mentions that alone time is very important to her, and strongly believes that distance indeed makes the heart grow fonder. 

Since both Midori and Wataru work remotely, they see each other all the time since they're under one roof. Midori said that not being able to see Wataru during their initial conversations from the pods is what added a mystery to their bond and made her heart race on the reality dating show. Will this one factor stop her from going the extra mile with Wataru? 


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The living situation really seems to work in the couples' favor as their lifestyles and daily schedules match. Aside from that, since Midori takes utmost care on how she looks, she isn't 100 per cent certain that she can live with someone who doesn't care about their physique as much as she does. In order to better his lifestyle, the couple starts hitting the gym together. On the other hand, Wataru genuinely wants to look good for her so they mutually decide to work out dedicatedly for the next two weeks. 

When they head over to Wataru's to pick up some stuff, Midori notices that he only spends money on things that he likes. She thinks that their values are aligned very well in that aspect. 

This is the first time she's staying with someone and the entrepreneur thrives on some much-needed alone time. Unfortunately, Midori is beginning to feel suffocated in Wataru's presence since they're under one roof all the time. Since the two work remotely as of now, there isn't even a break from not seeing each other. 

Will this one setback stop Midori from speaking her mind? 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next! 'Love is Blind: Japan' premiered on February 8, 2022, on Netflix. 

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