'Love is Blind: Japan': 5 things to know about cast of singles looking for love

'Love is Blind: Japan': 5 things to know about cast of singles looking for love
The cast of 'Love is Blind: Japan' (@netflixjp/Instagram)

Netflix's latest show, 'Love is Blind: Japan' has a stream of potential love interests who discover if they can turn their emotional connection into forever love. Season 1 of the show was released on February 8, 2022. 

The hosts for the show are Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya, who will be in charge of exploring how this dating game works as a social experiment of sorts. The reality​ dating show has 24 contestants, all from different walks of life, looking to find their soulmate. 


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Here's your guide to the cast of the reality dating show. 

Priyanka Yoshikawa 

Yoshikawa, who goes by the name Priya, is an entrepreneur by profession. At 27 years of age, she has a clear-cut idea of what relationships should be like and what they mean to her. Priya tends to make decisions based on visual input so if she can connect with someone she hasn't seen, she thinks they could end up being someone she can't live without! In addition, she values experiences over materialistic things.



Kaoru Miyazaki 

Kaoru is a 31-year-old musician, singer, and songwriter. She has never experienced love without considering looks. Her understanding is that looks don't matter in the long term, from her previous experience of having dated handsome men who turned out to be total jerks. Kaoru is excited to meet her soulmate on the show. 




At 32 years. Ryotaro is a professional hairstylist, in Harajuku. He doesn't necessarily have a type in a woman but he is someone who falls for a woman's character and how she is as a person on the inside. Ryotaro first looks at a woman's status, their job, and how they look. 



A 56-year-old consultant by profession, Shuntaro says he'll be happy with whoever he ends up with. He recalls having some pretty girls in the past, all of whom were awful on the inside. One of his weaknesses is overthinking, and he is looking to find his special someone on the show. 


Eri is a 32-year-old fitness trainer by profession. She signed up to try her luck on the show mainly because she is floored by looks in a man!



When asked what he wants from marriage,  Misaki was prompt to say, "I want to bring her to Africa", since he works there. The 31-year-old is a basketball coach in Kenya. 


37-year-old Mori of Korean descent, is a Cosmetic Dermatologist by occupation, coming from the field of medicine. The reason he signed up for the show is that he thinks he wouldn't get married otherwise. He also has a kind smile, which his lucky half will get to see at the altar. 



30-year-old Midori, from Aichi, is a professional business planner. She believes that it's not entirely possible to fall for someone without going by their looks. Midori also admitted that she is still on the fence about this dating game. She spent a few years of her life in Ohio for studies and has a dog called Lupin. Midori likes people who lead, and her dream man would be one who adores her. Due to her extensive background in consulting, she tends to make checklists for everything, even when it comes to men. Occupation comes first, followed by age, and then looks. 




Takumi is a 23-year-old young man, who is an ex-maritime self-defense officer by profession. In the hopes of making his date laugh, he spoke about an embarrassing story when he peed on his boss during turbulence amidst a typhoon!



38-year-old Wataru works for an IT company, in a management position. From Osaka, he has frequently been told that he has a charming voice. Having worked in management, he is pretty aware that a good job title and income please most women, but he is looking for someone who will look past these aspects and value him for the person he is. 



A 31-year-old comedian, Odacchi thrives on making people laugh and entertaining an audience. He hails from Nagasaki. He thinks that if his future wife sees the qualities he possesses that he isn't aware of, he'd have struck gold; something that's possible only on this show. Odacchi does comedy in Kochi. The funny guy is also popular among the ladies on the show!




Yoga instructor Maki is looking for someone who has a good sense of humor and also knows when to be serious. The 34-year-old thinks she needs to have a good conversation to find out if anyone fits under this particular category. 


Ryoga Asai

Asai is a 30-year-old who works in real estate.




Mizuki is a 29-year-old, who works as a restaurateur.



Motomi is 27, and hails from Kanagawa. She is an advertising salesperson by profession. Motomi tends to fall in love solely based on looks. She admits that she'll forgive a man if he's good-looking. She also has a thing for bad boys. 




40-year-old from Kyushu, Atsushi is a business owner by profession. He is rather old-fashioned and strongly believes that the kitchen is a women's domain. Atsushi also knows that his ideology of marriage is probably why he won't ever get married. He is looking for someone who loves housework. Children and animals are instantly attracted to Atsushi. 



Ayano, a 30-year-old, is a worker in the corporate field. She thinks the dating experiment will be a great challenge since it will be fun to fantasize about what the man is like on the other side of the wall. 



Jinya Hashimoto

26-year-old Jinya is a professional hair and makeup stylist. 




Yudai Honma

Honma is a 23-year-old hairstylist. He fears that he will have a change of heart once he finally sees the woman he connects best with. 




At 39 years young, Toshie is an aromatherapy instructor by profession.


32-year-old Nana is an professional online marketing specialist.


When asked what are some of the important questions she'd ask on a blind date like this, Minami said, "I definitely want to ask how frequently they use their bath towels". She's a 26-year-old, working at an architecture firm in Tokyo. Minami loves to cook in her spare time, and is of half-Korean descent. 



Nanako Iwahashi 

Nanako is a 35-year-old ex-Ballet dancer from Fukuoka. She thinks of herself as one who is not overly idealistic about marriage. She is currently a divorcee and split up with her ex-husband (in a year's time) who had serious issues with both drinking and gambling. Nanako is looking to live a simple and realistic life with her better half. She is also a firm believer in building a real connection with her life partner. 



'Love is Blind: Japan' was released on February 8, 2022, on Netflix