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'Love is Blind: After the Altar': Where are the season 2 cast members now?

Do you know how many couples of 'Love is Blind' are still married and how many have parted their ways?
'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' Season 2 contestants (Instagram/dnellruhl)
'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' Season 2 contestants (Instagram/dnellruhl)

Netflix's most-talked dating series 'Love is Blind: After the Altar' experiments with the love life of the singles. 15 men and 15 women from all over the world are brought together and are kept in separate pods. The rule is that they have to decide who they like and get engaged to them without seeing them even once beforehand. So, the first time they meet in person is after the engagement. 

In 'Love is Blind: After the Altar' Season 2 only five couples managed to make the decision of marrying each other. However, by the end, only two of them finally tied the knot. Three of them decided to drop their wedding decision as they either had to go through heartbreak during the show or were not ready to get married. Others felt staying single was better than landing up with someone unknown. The finale episode of season 2 showed Jarette Jones and Iyanna McNeely leading their married life. Well, many of you must be wondering whether the married couples of the show are still leading a happy life or are they separated and whether the single ones have since partnered up with anyone. Keep reading to know the answer.


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Iyanna McNeely

Iyanna McNeely, 27, married Jarette Jones at the end of the second season. Sadly, the couple's marriage didn't last long. Three weeks ago, McNeely announced through Instagram that they have separated and asked for some space from the fans. Well, her bio still holds Jones' last name. Besides that, the reality star openly talked about her divorce in a podcast, 'Diary of an Empathy'. McNeely learned hard way that she was Jones' second choice. For now, McNeely is healing and enjoying her time in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. 


Jarette Jones

Unlike Jones' ex-wife McNeely, he has not been much open about his divorce. He informed the through social media, but never talked about his feelings afterward. He has been involving himself in outdoor activities these days. Moreover, Jones social media profile says that he is enjoying his bachelorhood. Lets wait and see if he continues to enjoy his freedom or wants to date again. 


Danielle Ruhl

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thomspon had chemistry from the get go. The couple eventually got married. But, it seems that the marriage that bloomed in the reality show biz world did not survive the knocks of the real world. As per People, the couple recently filed for divorce Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois. However, they have not yet opened about the break up on social media. Well, Ruhl seems to be holding on to 'Love is Blind' cast mates for mental support.


Nick Thompson

There has been divorce talk in the air of Thomspon and Ruhl. However, neither of them has acknowledged it yet. As of now, Thomspon is busy with his podcast, 'Conversation with Nick Thomspon'.


Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee

Deepti Vempati ditched Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee on their D-day, claiming Shake was not sure about their relationship. Soon after his breakup, Shake met Emily Wilson and made their relationship public in no time. She tagged Shake in her Instagram bio saying, 'My +1'. Wilson lives in Miami. Moreover, Shake has now got his Florida veterinary licence and is back to work.


Deepti Vempati

Deepti Vempati these days is traveling places and catching sunsets. There has been rumor about her romantic life that the relaity star is dating Kyle Abrams. However, whenever asked about the relationship topic, Vempati always beats around the bush saying people will come to know when it's time. 

Kyle Abrams

Kyle Abrams is thriving these days. He still has firm believe in his atheism. However, he gained a true friend from the show, Vempati.


Mallaory Zapata

As soon as McNeely and Jones announed their divorce, fans thought there to be chance that Jones and Mallory Zapata would get together as there was love triangle drama on the show. However, much to the disappointment of fans, this has not happened yet. Or if it has, they are keeping it very quiet. Besides that, Zapata is currently enjoying going to weddings.


Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez and Zapata were a thing on the show, but they soon realised that it was not working for them. As of now, Perez is back to dating, albeit more conventionally! Moreover, the star is also focussing on self-love.


Natalie Lee

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen ended their engagement but remained friends. However, Lee's recent social media action hints that she recently is enjoying company of 'Bachelorette' star Blake Moynes.


Shayne Jansen

Shayne Jansen is rumored to be dating Chrisse Wunna. Both have been noticed flirting with each other on Instagram. However, Jansen refuse to spill any tea.


Shaina Hurley

Shaina Hurley is past the dating phase. She is now happily married to contractor Christos Lardakis. Both walked down the aisle on July 2 in Chicago. Currently, the star is enoying trips with her husband.


Aja Johnson

Aja Johnson is paralegal and works for Blue River Petcare. The reality star has keen interest in dance and continue to do so. However, there is no signs of her dating anyone. 


Brandon McGhee

The fitness freak Brandon McGhee is still working to build his body. All we can see in his social media page is him lifting weights. It's hard to say whether he is dating anyone currenty as there is no sign of a special someone anywhere.


Brian Ngo

Brian Ngo is advertising strategist, doctor of psychology, and marine veteran. Indeed, he has a good source of income. Ngo is not much of a social person and keeps his life private. His LinkedIn bio says that he recently switched to a part time job.


Caitlin McKee

Caitlin McKee is one of the singles on 'Love Is Blind' Season 2. McKee thinks one can never overdress or be overeducated. Lately, she has been enjoying her life with her girl squad.


Chassidy Mickale

Owner of beauty care 'You Image Matters LLC' Chassidy Mickale is growing her career. She is hiring employees and working on excelling at her job rather than investing in love for now. 


Haseeb Hussain

Lawyer Haseed Hussain has been talking about ongoing issues of the world these days. The Pakistani charmer keeps his fans updated about his life through Instagram. Hussain failed to find love on the show but he enjoyed his time on it for sure.


Hope Antoniello

Hope Antoniello was one of two plus sized women on the show. She came with the motive to find a nice partner. However, all Antoniello got in return was disappointment. But atleast she is excelling in her personal life. She is attached to her family and focussing on self growth.


Jason Beaumont

Jason was quite the catch. Unfortunately, he ended up being single on the show. Beaumont has recently turned 32, but still is living life in his own carefree and playful manner.


Jeremy Heartwell

Jeremy Heartwell was recently seen enjoying an Indian wedding. And, a few weeks before, Heartwell was in headlines because of his lawsuit filed again 'Love Is Blind'. He claimed that he reflected little of himself on the show. Moreover, the star accused the platform of underpaying, depriving them of food, cutting personal contacts, and providing lots of booze. 


Joey Miller

Joey Miller first vibed with McKee on the show. However, they too broke up. Ever since then, Miller has not been much active on social media. Therefore, it's hard to guess what he has been up to these days.


Juhie Faheem

Clinical Psychotherapist, Juheem Faheem, is also an event planner, creative artist and makeup pro. She recently has been caught up planning events.


Julius Cacho

Julius Cacho has an introvert personality. Cacho's Instagram handle is still private, therefore it's hard to know whether there is any romance blooming. However, Cacho believes in waiting for the right time rather than rushing.


Kara Williams

Kara Williams is currently investing her time in freelance traveling and tax planning. She is currently covering international lands, spas, swimming pools, and good food. She has not yet spilled any tea about her dating life.


Olivia Harris

As per Olivia Harris' LinkedIn profile, she has recently started a new job as Senior Business Recruiter. However, her Instagram profile is private. Therefore, preventing from giving any gossip.

Rocky Smith

Is Rocky Smith dating Carmel El? Well, the last post on Instagram that we saw of Smith was with El. However, it was too long ago and ever since then he has not been much active. So, we can't say anything for sure. They might just be friends.


Shea'na Grigsby

Shea'na Grigsby has Masters in Sports Management from Cleveland State University. Grigsby is private about her life. She believes in emotional connection rather than just physical.


Trisha Frame

Trisha Frame loves dogs and people as well. But, she looks out for less complicated relationship. Ever since 'Love Is Blind', Frame took down her Instagram account so as to attract less drama.

Vito Salamone

Pizzeria owner Vito Salamone remained single in the show. Well, things might be different in his real life now. However, Salamone has not been much active on social media. It seems that he is focusing on build real connections.


'Love is Blind: After the Altar' Season 2 is set to drop on Netflix on September 16, at 12 am ET.