FOREVER TOGETHER: Lindsay Clancy's chilren are laid to rest as she awaits arraignment for killing them

FOREVER TOGETHER: Lindsay Clancy's chilren are laid to rest as she awaits arraignment for killing them
Lindsay Clancy is accused of killing five-year-old Cora Clancy, 3-year-old Dawson Clancy, and 8-month-old Callan Clancy (Lindsay Marie Clancy/Facebook)

SCITUATE, MASSACHUSETTS: A funeral was held on Friday, February 3, for three young Duxbury children who were allegedly killed by their mother Lindsay Clancy in late January. The first responders found five-year-old Cora Clancy, 3-year-old Dawson Clancy, and 8-month-old Callan Clancy inside their Duxbury home on January 24. The two older siblings were pronounced dead at the hospital that night while the youngest child died on January 27.


The funeral for the three siblings was held at St. Mary of the Nativity in Scituate. Reverend Bob Deehan, of Holy Family Church in Duxbury, presented the eulogy at the service, according to WCVB. "It was a beautiful funeral mass, but it’s very, very difficult," he said. Meanwhile, their mother, Lindsay Clancy, who is accused of the alleged murders, is recovering at the hospital. Clancy sustained injuries after jumping from a window of their home in a suicide attempt. At the moment, she is set to be arraigned for the murders of her young children. 


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Lindsay Clancy's attorney argues she was 'overmedicated'

Defense attorney Kevin Reddington revealed on Friday that his client lacks criminal responsibility in the case because she was “overmedicated” and involuntarily intoxicated when she allegedly strangled her three children to death. He has also successfully petitioned the Plymouth District Court to allow a defense forensic psychologist to evaluate Lindsay at the hospital where she is confined. Moreover, he stressed upon the struggles that Clancy and her family faced in the months, weeks and days leading up to the deaths. 


At the time of the murders, her husband and father of the children, Patrick Clancy, had reportedly gone out for approximately 20 minutes to get medications and dinner. As per the outlet, attorney Kevin Reddington said: "Patrick Clancy found his wife outside the home on Summer Street and called 911 at about 6.10 pm on January 24."

Lindsay Clancy is facing two counts of murder and three counts each of strangulation and assault and battery with a deadly weapon. However, the charges are expected to extend after the death of her 8-month-old son Callan. 


'I’m completely lost without them'

In his first public statement following the tragedy, Patrick Clancy described his pain after losing “the essence of his life” which was his children. "A lot of people have said they can’t imagine and they’re right, there’s absolutely nothing that can prepare you. The shock and pain is excruciating and relentless," Patrick wrote in a statement that was posted on Saturday, February 4, on his GoFundMe page. "I’m constantly reminded of them and with the little sleep I get, I dream about them on repeat. Any parent knows, it’s impossible to understand how much you will love your kids until you have them. The same goes for understanding the devastation of losing them. Cora, Dawson, and Callan were the essence of my life and I’m completely lost without them."

Patrick Clancy urges people to 'forgive' his wife

Patrick further urged people to "forgive" his wife. "I want to ask all of you that you find it deep within yourselves to forgive Lindsay, as I have. The real Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone — me, our kids, family, friends, and her patients. The very fibers of her soul are loving. All I wish for her now is that she can somehow find peace," he said. Patrick stated that he will be putting all of his energy into healing and rediscovering his purpose, and added that "love always wins." He concluded: "Cora, Dawson, and Callan, you gave me so much in your short time here. I don’t know if the pain will ever go away, but I’ll do my best to carry on in your honor. Dada loves you so much and will always remember you."


Lindsay, who worked as a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital is described as an “amazing mother, nurse, and friend” by a group of employees that worked alongside her at the hospital, as per Boston 25 News

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 Lindsay Clancy: Funeral held for slain Duxbury children as mom who strangled them awaits arraignment