Despite Kate Moss backfire Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp's exes are afraid to accuse him of abuse

Despite Kate Moss backfire Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp's exes are afraid to accuse him of abuse
During the bombshell interview with Savannah Guthrie Amber Heard doubled down on the allegations that Johnny Depp abused her during their 'ugly' marriage (Heard video screenshot from interview/NBCNews/ Law &Crime /Twitter)

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case might be over and while it looks like Depp may have got the upper hand it looks like Heard is not ready to let the case die down. During the highly anticipated interview on NBC's Dateline episode with Heard hosted by Savannah Guthrie, Heard came up with several claims against Depp. The first part of the interview was streamed on Thursday, June 16, and the second part was streamed on Friday, June 17. However, the teaser of the interview was played on the 'Today Show' on Wednesday, June 15.

Despite the jury's ruling earlier this month, Heard is not ready to give up on her stand that her ex-husband abused her. During the bombshell interview Heard doubled down on the allegations that Depp abused her during their “ugly” marriage and bluntly accused him of lying after he repeatedly denied her claims on the stand during the six-week trial. During the interview when Guthrie asked Heard what if Depp sues her again, Heard replied that she’s “terrified” of being sued for defamation again by Depp. “I guess that’s what a defamation lawsuit is meant to do, it’s meant to take your voice," Heard said.


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During the interview, Guthrie noted that Depp testified he’d never struck Heard during their relationship and that “not one woman has come forward and said he physically hit them". Heard response to Guthrie hints that Depp may have been feared by his exes and are too afraid to publicly accuse him of the alleged abuse.

“Look what happened to me when I came forward. Would you?” she asked.

She went on to explain her motivation for speaking out publicly after being probed by Guthrie.“One thing I can tell you is one thing I’m not is vindictive. There’s no part of me that sees any … This would be a really lousy way to get vengeance,” Heard said in her defense.

Amber Heard has hinted that Johnny Depp’s other exes may have been too afraid to publicly accuse him of alleged abuse
(Photo: @TODAY/YouTube)

“I’m not a good victim, I get it. I’m not a likable victim. I’m not a perfect victim, I get it. I’m not a saint. I’m not asking anyone to like me,” she said, referring to the vitriol she has been subjected to on social media. “What I learned in that trial is, it’s never going to be good enough,” she said about the jury’s failure to believe her testimony. “If you have proof then it was a scheme, it was a hoax. If you don’t have proof it didn’t happen. If you have a bruise, it’s fake. If you don’t have a bruise, then violence clearly didn’t hurt you. If you told people, then you’re hysterical. If you didn’t tell anyone, it didn’t happen.”

Heard's texts shown during Dateline interview (Courtesy: video screenshot/NBC)

Ahead of Heard's explosive interview, gave NBC showed numerous documents from a doctor that “represented years, years of real-time explanations of what was going on". “There’s a binder worth of years of notes dating back to 2011 from the very beginning of my relationship that was taken by my doctor, who I was reporting the abuse,” Heard added in the clip.

Notes from the 'binder' show that her therapist had written things like “He hit her, threw her on the floor” and “He threw her against a wall and threatened to kill her.” Heard said she was not confident on the day of the verdict, claiming the trial seemed to have already been decided by social media. “I think a majority of this trial played out outside of the courtroom, unfortunately. I think a vast majority of this trial was played out on social media. And I think this trial is an example of that run amok,” Heard said, arguing that the jury must have been influenced by Depp’s fans at the courthouse and online.

“I don’t blame them. I actually understand he’s a beloved character and people feel they know him. He’s a fantastic actor,” she said while admitting she should have owned up to some of her own bad behavior to curry favor with jurors. “I did do and say horrible and regrettable things throughout my relationship,” Heard told Guthrie. “I have so much regret.”

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