Is Loki's survival confirmed? SHOCKING Reddit leak shows unlikely alliance on Disney+ show

Is Loki's survival confirmed? SHOCKING Reddit leak shows unlikely alliance on Disney+ show
A still from the 'Loki' series (Disney+ and Reddit/u/redstarmetalarm)

Without any doubt, ‘Loki’ has been one of the greatest shows produced by Marvel in recent times. The storyline, characters and stunning visuals have been the reasons behind the show’s huge success. Apart from that, the twists and turns in the show have taken the show to a whole new level.

Whether it was the revelation of Sylvie or it was the scene where it was confirmed that every agent working at the Time Variance Authority (TVA) are actually variants, the show has given many iconic moments in the first four episodes. The fourth episode ended with an emotional moment as Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was pruned by Judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) while Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) tried to grasp what just happened.


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All the variants of Loki in 'Loki' (Disney+)

Many thought if that was the end of Loki’s character in the series. In one way, it is really difficult to see the show without the main character. The ending suggested that most of the action in the final two episodes might take place with Hiddleston. However, the theory of Loki being pruned has been debunked and we now know that ‘Loki’ will indeed be coming back for an appearance in the final two episodes of the show.

According to the photos uploaded by a Redditor named u/redstarmetalarm, Loki will be embarking on a journey with other variants of himself that were introduced in the mid-credits scene of the fourth episode. In that scene, we see ‘Loki’ getting pruned to an unknown place and as soon he opens his eyes, he sees all the other variants standing in front of him, including a Gator variant.


A still from 'Loki' (Reddit/u/redtstarmetalarm and Disney+)

On the other hand, the photos uploaded on the social media platform saw Loki partnering with Classic Loki (Richard E Grant) and Kid Loki (Jack Veal). Apart from that, one of the photos suggests that there might be a big fight sequence including all the variants of the master manipulator. Another possible explanation about the photo is Loki’s introduction to the history and how these variants got there. The photos are really so it is really hard to understand what’s happening, but it will be an epic sequence for sure.


A still fro 'Loki' (Reddit/u/redstarmetalarm and Disney+)

This will be the first time that all the variants of Loki will be seen in action in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The variants shown in the photos also suggest that they will play an important role in getting our main guy out of the new timeline and saving Sophia and probably Mobius (Owen Wilson). It will be interesting to see if any of the other variants start playing tricks on Hiddleston’s character, after all, Loki is known for taking things in control whenever he sees the opportunity.

The penultimate episode, which will air on Wednesday, July 7 on Disney+, might be the most important episode of the series because it will set up the explosive finale. There are many questions to be answered. We hope that the final episodes give us some answers to our burning questions and also take us on a roller coaster ride.

‘Loki’ airs a new episode every Wednesday on Disney+.


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