Is BTS making a comeback? RM and Jin have dinner on VLive, ARMY thank duo for 'serotonin boost'

RM and Jin live-streamed while having dinner as they talked next album, played telepathy and discussed friendships in their family

                            Is BTS making a comeback? RM and Jin have dinner on VLive, ARMY thank duo for 'serotonin boost'
RM and Jin go live on VLive and discuss comback news (BTS/VLive)

BTS members are known for going live to entertain the ARMY without prior warning. This time, RM (Namjoon) and Jin went live on VLive as they were having dinner together to the delight of their fans. Jin is famously known for his series ‘Eat Jin’, where other members join him or he eats alone. For the latest surprise, Namjoon joined Jin for the stream and which they titled ‘NamJin’ - an endearing term used by ARMY to address the two members.

However, many fans were upset as they went live late in the evening in South Korea, which is pretty early in the morning for most of the world. Here is what went down during the live stream in case you missed it. Namjoon told fans that they were having avocado sandwiches and complained about it, but Jin countered him by saying he was going to eat it anyway. Both interacted with the fans as they had their sandwiches.


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RM and Jin go live on VLive as they play games and interact with fans. (BTS/VLive)

Jin talks about a BTS comeback

Jin talked about whether BTS were having a comeback. He said there was no update of the members working on a comeback or a new album at the moment and asked Namjoon the one phrase that the other members used a lot these days. Jin was shocked because of Namjoon's nonchalance and told him it was a phrase that meant ‘lack of willpower’ in English.

They next had dessert which was a slice of lemon cake with a dollop of cream and peaches on top. Jin wondered how much the cake would’ve cost and went on to say that ‘back in his day’ (a phrase he and Suga often use as the other members are quite younger than them), cake slices were very cheap.

Jin tells fans that his and RM's father are best friends. (BTS/VLive)

NamJin dads are best friends too

Jin also went on to talk about the bond between him and Namjoon. He said that not only they but their dads were also rather close. Jin said that both his dad and Namjoon’s father are very close and just like Namjoon and Jin, their dads see each other as often as 360 days a year.

Namjoon then opened a bag of blocks of BT21 characters for them to play with. As he is known as the ‘god of destruction' in the fandom, he went on to open the packet so abruptly that he ended up spilling all of them on the ground as Jin joked that the live stream was over.

Namjoon and Jin then continued to play with the blocks as they talked about random things. Namjoon said that there was a time when he thought, Digimon, the pokemon character, was real.

Find detailed translation of the entire live stream here.


Fans say, 'What is sleep?'

Here is what fans had to say about the live. Most of the ARMYs took to Twitter to say that they had infact missed the live stream. One fan who was woken up by the notification said, “Lmao me getting woken up at 4am by the rm/jin vlive notification and my mom getting woken up at 4am by an emergency tornado warning notication (she’s fine).” Another fan said, “Namjin vlive and all I did was what? sleep? mannnnn fck sleep.”

One fan said, “OMG. I've just turned on the vlive they do Meokbang (eating show) now with the title "NamJin". Did I miss many things?” Another said, “Namjin vlive It was what we needed for our serotonin daily boost!” One more fan said, “Namjoon and seokjin picked sope to do next vlive pls the way namjin singing sope's hwagae market theme song we are getting a sope vlive soon.” One ARMY joked, “RETWEET IF YOUR PART OF 3.6M WHO WATCHED NAMJOON AND SEOKJIN VLIVE , NAMJIN LIVE.” While another said, “NAMJIN PLAYING TOGETHER ON VLIVE IS SO FUNNY.”














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