Based_Surfer : IP2 streamer uses N-word, calls 2 women 'Karens' after they reject him

The live streamer was seen using racial and homophobic slurs at a taqueria in La Mesa, California

                            Based_Surfer : IP2 streamer uses N-word, calls 2 women 'Karens' after they reject him
The man is seen harassing two of women by calling them 'Karens' (Fifty Shades of Whey/Twitter)

A reactionary live streamer has been slammed after a video showed him using racial and homophobic slurs at a taqueria in La Mesa, California. The Internet is now demanding that he be deplatformed. The streamer is known as Based_Surfer and is a part of IP2.NETWORK, a platform for “IRL streamers”. This platform is apparently infamous for its “edgy" offensive and often racist content.

YouTuber Joseph Morris said that Based_Surfer is a friend of White nationalist Tim Gionet, also known as “Baked Alaska". Gionet was arrested for his involvement in the January 6 riot at the capitol. Video clips being circulated on social media show Based_Surfer repeatedly hurling homophobic slurs and using the N-word. He is seen harassing a couple of women by calling them "Karens". He also criticized one of the women's body.




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In a September 13 video, Morris broke down many of the streamer's videos, titling it: “Racist live streamer Based_Surfer has PUBLIC FREAKOUT on ‘Karens’ for IP2 Community.” He played a clip from an incident where Based_Surfer, who was rejected by two women, called then "fat as f***". He ran away when one woman charged at him.

Morris said that the streamer was seen last month harassing a street vendor about the status of his vaccination, going to the extent of getting into a physical altercation with him. TikToker @TizzyEnt shared a clip of the man's interaction with the two White women, saying that he “wouldn’t have had the sack” to use the N-word had any Black people been around. 

In a recent incident, a Black TikToker by the name of @olivia2005nicole2 recently took to TikTok to describe how she had to go through a suicide evaluation after her teacher used the N-word amid a class discussion. In the video, the TikToker can be seen in front of a green screen. No faces are visible during the conversation, but a discussion around race is audible.

In the past there have been several instances of harassment and discrimination raised online since Covid-19 set in. In another recent incident which brought to light the prevailing racism that continues to emotionally affect Black people, two White men allegedly harassed a Black woman at a supermarket in Texas while she was working for Instacart. A video of the incident posted by TikToker @deekotapa0 last week has been viewed over 2,00,000 times. In the video of the incident, which reportedly occurred at a Kroger store in Dallas, the woman can be seen shouting at a White man wearing a blue T-shirt, presumably after the harassment has already taken place. 

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