Florida 'Karen' trolled by teens after she hurls homophobic slurs, Internet says she can 'never win that fight'

The video, posted on Reddit' shows the woman in Jacksonville, Florida, attacking teenagers in a store but they remain unfazed and troll her back, much to the amusement of social media

                            Florida 'Karen' trolled by teens after she hurls homophobic slurs, Internet says she can 'never win that fight'
A screengrab from the video of the unidentified Florida woman who used homophobic slurs in an attack against teenagers (Reddit)

A video of a teenager standing up to a homophobic "Karen" who abused the teenager using slurs has caught the attention of people online. The woman from Florida verbally attacked a group of teenagers but they did not let her faze them, as seen in the video.

The video that was shared on Reddit on Saturday, February 27 saw the teenagers giving it back to the woman. It is their comeback to the woman's verbal abuse that has been talked about as the teenagers put up an impressive front. In the video, she could be seen wildly screaming in the faces of the teens during a shopping spree at a Jacksonville convenience store.


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She shouts at them, "Are you a queer?" and continues the tirade by asking, "What are you? You like it up the a**hole? Cause you look like you like it up your a**hole," in the video.

A screengrab of the Florida 'Karen' following teenagers to attack them verbally (Reddit)

One of the teen girls replies, "What does that even mean?" Not only does she attack them verbally, but she also follows them to continue her tirade. As the woman chases after the kids — who at this point are laughing hysterically — the girl asks the woman, "Are you ok?"

After this, the video sees the woman continually throw words that are incomprehensible and the onslaught continues before she abruptly stops and exclaims, "Well, then goddamn back the f**k up b***h!" Instead of trolling her with mean words, another teenager who was also the one recording the whole incident told the unidentified woman, "Are you gonna go drive your car right now? You're gonna hurt somebody if you go drive your car."

After this, the video shows the one who is recording the video and the woman agreeing to call the cops to see if they can let her know if she can get behind a steering wheel or not. More taunts are passed by the woman who seems to think that calling the cops might not be the best resort and tries to leave after one last insult.

A screengrab from the video of the teenagers who did not get fazed (Reddit)

"You look like you grew up in a trailer park," she spews and that is when one of them retorts, "You would know." The video is about 60 seconds long and the comments section has since seen many troll the Florida "Karen". One comment read, "So you're saying she never graduated high school and she's waiting for them to let her back in so she can have her moment?"

Another comment read, "Junior year...she had to 'go to her grandparents for a few months' most of senior year and never graduated, but she now has a successful career as a waitress at her local applebee's and feels big because she just got a 'new to her' chevrolet cavalier with leopard print seat covers."

To this, a user responded, "Applebee's? I think you're being generous with that line of employment. I was thinking Jack in the Box, Waffle House or Krystal's. And I was thinking she would be pimping a Pontiac Fiero." One user also wrote, "I'm 44 and this is why I'm always polite to teenagers. The laughing disdain was powerful."

One added, "She's abusing children. Those are someone's kids you're shitting on. Not a smart move, knucklehead. 2. She's arguing with teenagers. You can never win that fight. You're just too old and dried up and it's clear your brain don't work well either."

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