'The Voice' on NBC: List of winners who failed to launch a career after the show

'The Voice' on NBC: List of winners who failed to launch a career after the show
'The Voice' winners (L-R) Javier Colon, Tessanne Chin, Jermaine Paul, and Chris Blue failed to make a career (Instagram/@javiercolonmusic, @thebestess, @jermainepaul, @chrisblive)

The Voice’ winners are considered to have great fortune. However, fame sometimes does not last long for a few. Even though the winning brings with it the award of $100,000 and a record label with Universal Music Group. However, sometimes that’s not just enough to keep surviving.
The Voice’ started in 2011 and it's been 21 seasons so far. NBC is now all set to release Season 22. With that coming, fans wonder what fate the show brings with itself to the winners. Let’s take a look at the winners whose careers stalled after the competition.


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Javier Colon of Season 1


Javier Colon appeared on the very first season of the show. He was coached by Adam Levine. The singer's debut album with Universal Music Group was ‘Come Through For You’. However, ever since he won the show and signed a record with Universal Music Group, he started facing several ups and downs. Because of the lack of support, marketing, and promotion, he had to cut ties with the music corporation. Colon’s last released album was ‘Gravity’ in 2016. Ever since then he wasn’t witnessed in any big gig.

Jermaine Paul of Season 2


Jermaine Paul had a more successful career before he went on ‘The Voice’. Ever since he won the show, he released only a few songs. He worked as a backup singer for Alicia Keys. Paul released his first single album ‘Workin Sista’ in 2015. His solo album ‘Make Love, Save the World’ was also scheduled to release in 2015. However, it seems that the release of the album might not be seen ever. Paul stalled making fame in his music career, but he is content with his life and family.

Tessanne Chin of Season 5


Even though Jamaican star Tessanne Chin won the show, she faced difficulty in making a career after that. She had a hard time figuring out what kind of artist she is after the competition. She released two singles ‘Fire’ and ‘Love Suicide’. However, the song didn’t gain many ratings due to the lack of promotion. Failing to get the required recognition in the industry, Chin went back to performing at reggae festivals.

Craig Wayne of Season 7


Craig Wayne had the most struggling career among all ‘The Voice’ winners. In less than five months after signing in with Universal,  Wayne cut ties. The singer later in 2015 released ‘I’m Still Here’. However, Wayne struggled to earn money and make a career in the music industry. Later, he decided to crowdfund by performing at weddings for $8,000.

Alisan Porter of Season 10


Nothing turned out as expected for Alisan Porter after winning the singing competition. She had to break ties with Republic because of the creative differences. In 2017, her EP ‘I Come in Pieces’ was released. However, ever since then, fans have not witnessed any major project from the singer.

Chris Blue of Season 12


Chris Blue learned the hard way that life is not all about winning just a single show. He took his time to figure out what to do with his career. Firstly, he broke ties with Republic. After a certain gap in his career, he was able to release his single ‘Back 2 Future’. However, his career has not skyrocketed and stayed low-key. Blue is currently focusing on his family with a newborn baby.

'The Voice' Season 22 is all set to release on September 19 at 8 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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