'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?': Rapper and Anitra stun fans as they turn a family attic into a life-size playhouse

'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?': Rapper and Anitra stun fans as they turn a family attic into a life-size playhouse
Lil Jon and Anitra in 'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?' (HGTV)

Lil Jon and Anitra reconstruct a playroom for a household of adrenaline junkies who want their children to be safe while also allowing them to be free, but strict criteria and last-minute alterations make the project much too extreme. Lil Jon and Anitra go all out in the season finale to make sure the kids have the nicest house possible to grow up in.

An adventurous guy, Drew and his safety-conscious wife, Natacha, approach Lil Jon and Anitra with the hope of having a portion of their property restored. They invite Lil Jon and Anitra to work on the upper level while they are gutting their house. The singer and the designer are well aware that their clientele has excellent taste and would not expect anything less. As a result of the house's condition, the couple has opted to gut it and start again.


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Natacha and Drew adore their house, but they don't picture themselves in the next decade or two. Natacha wants to modify almost everything to her liking. The couple contacts Lil Jon and her partner, Anitra, for assistance with the upstairs. The couple wants to invest much in the makeover so that they may spend quality time with their children when they are at home. They seek assistance in the region where they propose to build the playroom. The pair confesses to having ideas, but because they believe they are all basic, they are seeking new ones. The couple mentions that their children, Liam and Everest, enjoy bouncing off things, therefore they are seeking safe and enjoyable alternatives.

Then Lil Jon notices a massive hole in the roof. The pair explains that they attempted to drill a hole through it, but now the entire ceiling had collapsed, allowing more area to work with. The first thing Lil Jon suggests is that a slide is added to the space. Because the kids like rock climbing as much as their father, the renovators recommend adding climbing walls with exquisite hand prints on the wall. Anitra also discusses the mother's need for a calm environment. While Lil Jon goes a bit beyond with the father, Anitra and the mother put safety above everything else. The renovator-duo spent a little over $75k on a room that has now enlarged to a solid 1500 sq. ft. 


Lil Jon and Anitra both continue to push the boundaries to acquire what they want, but they also make sure to dial it back when necessary. While Lil Jon desired a more '2001: A Space Odyssey' atmosphere for the makeover, Anitra desired to include a skylight. After a thorough restoration, the area now has a 20-foot-high slide. They built a closet beneath the stairwell, tunnels in the wall, two massive rock climbing walls, and a massive hammock. The renovators add circular windows, sleek lines, and vibrant colors to create a futuristic playhouse. In reality, the parents are given a small yet designated space. The all-cushion, properly padded playroom went viral on social media, with followers adoring the adorable transformation. A fan tweeted: "Liked the @liljon episode on earlier too. Those kids rooms and play areas rocked! @Hgtv #LilJonWantsToDoWhat"


Another fan expressed their desire to have what the kids got on the episode. One of them wrote: "I want a magical room with a magical blue door!"


One fan wrote how much they'd love to be in a space like this: "I know I’d have a ball playing in this space! #LilJonWantsToDoWhat? #onHGTV"


Yet, one fan called the season finale their absolute favorite: "This has to be one of my favorite renovations. A slide in a house??? That's amazing! #LilJonWantsToDoWhat"


One fan while commending all the tranformation, wrote: “A Climber’s Gambit” with the rock wall, chalet, hobbit house, colorful couch, etc. is my favorite #LilJonWantsToDoWhat episode on @hgtv . So cool! @LilJon"


On a side note, with the season ending fans voiced their desire for another season. They wrote: "Fantastic season finale on #LilJonWantsToDoWhat ! @LilJon
@anitramecadon @hgtv Now... What am I supposed to do next week when my show-watching withdrawals start up? "


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