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'Lil Jon Wants To Do What?': Grammy-winning rapper stuns fans with quirky renovation ideas

In its third week, the new HGTV show hosted by Grammy winner Lil Jon continues to wow viewers
UPDATED MAY 17, 2022
(L-R) Lil Jon, Anitra Mecadon with clients in 'Lil Jon Wants To Do What?' (HGTV)
(L-R) Lil Jon, Anitra Mecadon with clients in 'Lil Jon Wants To Do What?' (HGTV)

A couple's home has been entirely taken over by their children, and they are anxious for some privacy. Lil Jon and Anitra intend to renovate their basement into a lounge to realize their aspirations on this week's ‘Lil Jon Wants To Do What?’

Lil Jon isn't the type to laze around and listen to peaceful music; he prefers something upbeat. When Anitra tells him about a couple's basement, which has been taken over by their children since they won't let anybody else in except themselves, he realizes exactly how much space these people require, and now Lil Jon is on board! Lil Jon and Anitra want to turn the basement of homeowners Torie and Greffin into a lounge, so they can have some privacy. Lil Jons' new favorite room in the house is his "upmarket jazz club," which he intends to name after all the upscale nightlife fans who keep him in cash!


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Lil Jon, who is obsessed with house improvement and design, meets up with Torie and Greffin, who have an incomplete first floor that has to be finished. Lil Jon and his partner-in-crime, Anitra, are entrusted with transforming what was once a kids' room into something "grown-up and sexy" on a tight $40-$50 thousand budget. The pair discusses their desire to go out and how they'd like to have a space in their home that matches that experience and feeling.

According to the couple, a wine room/bar area, space for in-laws, and a complete bath were all necessary in a place that didn't even have a door to enter. Lil Jon suggests converting the room into an expensive jazz club. The place turned out better than planned thanks to Lil Jon's wild out-of-the-box ideas and interior designer Anitra's unique vision. The children's room was relocated beneath the stairwell so that it does not interfere with the grown-up vibes while yet remaining accessible to the parents. A sliding glass door was installed to allow natural light to enter the room. The common area was designed with velvet, leather, and wood to give off a rich vibe. The in-laws' suite got a massive custom-made wallpaper to enhance the space.

Finally, Lil Jon and Anitra provided Torie and Greffin with a luxurious hotel, replete with a piano liquor cabinet! What's not to love about this VIP reimagining?!

The wine cellar, which was one of Torie's desires, emerged elegantly. Lil Jon, who is well-known for incorporating outlandish ideas into his restoration work (most of which work out), offers they build a piano liquor cabinet for the room. Since every jazz lounge must have a piano, he suggests getting a piano, removing the legs, and installing it in the wall as a liquor cabinet. And guess what? It worked! Even though Lil Jon's crazy plans put a lot of strain on carpenter pal Paddy, he manages to pull it off and finally please the couple.


The place offered folks the funk but kept it light with concrete flooring and a custom ceiling. Lil Jon and his efforts outside the recording studio have surely impressed HGTV viewers who are still discovering the show, which is in its third week. Some of them took to Twitter, writing: "LIL JON WANTS TO DO WHAT? IS MY NEW FAVORITE SHOW"


Another viewer wrote about their recent discovery: "I never ever thought I'd say I enjoy watching Lil Jon do home reno but here tf we are in 2022 "


Aside from his sense of humour, Lil Jon has managed to impress HGTV fans with what they tuned in for. One of them wrote on Twitter: "He’s hysterical but what an eye for design."


Another person praised both Lil Jon and Anitra, for the remodeling: "@LilJon@anitramecadon Ya’ll knocked it out of the park. The wallpaper and piano is amazing. Total swanky jazz bar look. #LilJonWantsToDoWhat@hgtv"


Remember that new episodes of 'Lil Jon Wants To Do What?' air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV and are available to stream on discovery+ the same day.