'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?': Fans demand for Season 2 as Lil Jon impresses with yet another renovation

'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?': Fans demand for Season 2 as Lil Jon impresses with yet another renovation
Lil Jon and Anitra with clients in 'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?' (HGTV)

The new installment of 'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?' aired Monday night, and viewers got to witness yet another implausible makeover scheme come to fruition. The spectacular kitchen renovation in Episode 4 of 'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?' titled 'From Mid-Century to This Century' has amazed many.

'Lil Jon Wants to Do What?' is a one-of-a-kind house-renovation show in which the renowned rapper and DJ Lil Jon interacts with home designer Anitra Mecadon to come up with innovative ideas for renovating and reconstructing properties. Amazingly, the duo's novel ideas and plans always succeed, thanks to Lil John's creative thinking and Anitra's immaculate implementation. Lil Jon and Anitra are featured in the episode rebuilding the house of hipsters who don't want to lose the individuality of their environment. The rapper-designer combination also comes up with two alternative visions for remodeling the cabinets, culminating in a clash of cabinet colors.


‘Lil Jon Wants To Do What?’: Lil Jon leaves fans impressed with his renovation skills

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Adam and Ashley were seeking a property with more room and a backyard when they purchased their home a few months ago before bringing in the duo - Lil Jon and Anitra. The house, which was completed in 1971, needed extensive renovations to meet the tastes of today's couple. The couple loves colors and wanted their home to reflect that. Adam and Ashley were looking for something unique and fashionable. They allowed Lil Jon and Anitra complete freedom to go wild while staying under budget.

Lil Jon immediately suggests a bourbon bar for the young couple, while getting rid of the beams and panels. The crew is responsible for knocking the clients' socks off, which makes them quite anxious about what they can come up with. They had a color scheme in mind for the space and intended to concentrate on the fireplace. With rooms that were all on the wrong scale, the remodeling was a major task.

Working with someone who isn't traditionally trained in house renovation is both interesting and hard for Anitra. With a budget of $85000, the duo's work was slashed. Still, Lil Jon and Anitra pulled it off in a huge way, with the kitchen being the biggest centerpiece. The couple not only adored the colors and wood accents throughout the house, but they also loved the fantastic modern '70s vibe. The space was refurbished with new beams, concrete bricks, alcohol on exhibit, new lighting, furniture for centerpieces, and more. With new colors, cabinets, and a big island, the modest and antiquated kitchen was given a modern makeover.


The vintage to modern home remodeling impressed not only the clients but also the viewers. Fans flocked to social media to express their delight at watching their dream homes being renovated. Many even called for a second season of the show, which debuted this month. Someone wrote: "I'm gonna need @LilJon
to have a season 2 of this show! His renos are genius!! #liljonwantstodowhat"


Some fans also lauded the duo for doing such a great job on the renovation by tweeting: "Knocked it out the park once again! #LilJonWantsToDoWhat"


Viewers of the episode, couldn't stop gushing over the kitchen - one wrote on Twitter: "I love this house they designed. This kitchen is so me #LilJonWantsToDoWhat"


While another one tweeted: "Yesss that kitchen looks gorgeous!! The blue pops!! #liljonwantstodowhat"


A sweet fan shares their experience of indulging in the new HGTV show by writing: "I made it 54 years of life without caring about home improvement. Now, @HGTV
is on my TV at least once a day, and I'm sitting down to one of my new faves #LilJonWantsToDoWhat. Great to see one of my club days staples follow me into the home renovation abyss."


Every Monday at 10 pm ET/PT, HGTV airs all new episodes of 'Lil Jon Wants To Do What?'

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