Lifetime's 'Mistletoe in Montana' Review: Sweet, charming and full of festive spirit

Lifetime's 'Mistletoe in Montana' Review: Sweet, charming and full of festive spirit
Duane Henry (Mark) and Melissa Joan Hart (Merry) in 'Mistletoe in Montana' (Lifetime)

The Christmas season is upon us and everyone has started to decorate their houses with super cool stuff to mark the occasion. Apart from decorating, families and loved ones also get together to celebrate the auspicious festival, spreading happiness all around. However, there are some who sit on their couch and watch their favorite Christmas movies.

To make everyone's festive season more special, Lifetime has decided to treat fans with a wide range of Christmas movies and one of them is 'Mistletoe in Montana'. The movie revolves around a woman named Merry (Melissa Joan Hart) running her family ranch in Montana and taking care of her animals. One day, she gets to know that a family is coming here to stay for Christmas and they will be spending some days at the ranch. The day is finally here and the family arrives at the ranch. Mark (Duane Henry) is a single father with kids, Timmy (Hero Hunter) and Becca (Mallian Butler). They have come to the ranch to enjoy the holidays, although Becca is not too thrilled about it and freaks out when she gets to know that the ranch has now wifi. Will they enjoy the holiday with Merry and will something romantic happen between Merry and Mark? You'll get all the answers in 'Mistletoe in Montana'. 


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The movie captures your imagination from the first frame and continues to impress as the story moves forward. The makers have kept it simple and there are no complex storylines. That's why the movie works. Christmas is all about having your loved one close and the movie tells you why that's so important. It's a sweet little movie that never disappoints and always manages to keep a smile on everyone's faces with a heart-warming story and good jokes. 

As far as acting is concerned, Melissa Joan Hart as Merry is the soul of the movie and you get to see her acting prowess in every single frame of the movie. She is charming, witty and so likable as Merry that you wish you were at her ranch to celebrate the occasions. Meanwhile, Duane Henry as Mark has done a phenomenal job and keeps everyone entertained with his sense of humor and emotions. 

Melissa Joan Hart as Merry in 'Mistletoe in Montana' (Lifetime)


Another actor who manages to nab eyeballs is Sam Marra who portrays the character of Jasper in the movie. He is effortless in his acting and natural in comedic timing. Meanwhile, Harley Bronwyn as Debbie also makes an impact with her acting. Hero Hunter as Timmy and Mallian Butler as Becca are also impressive. 

All in all, 'Mistletoe in Montana' is the perfect film to see with your family this Christmas season. It has a lot of heartwarming sequences that would encourage you to be with your loved ones and enjoy the moment. Lifetime has undoubtedly given a sweet Christmas delight to its fans with the latest holiday flick.

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