'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' Review: Kelly Rowland film has all the festive elements

What makes the movie tick is the fact that it ticks all the boxes for a light Yuletide family flick

                            'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' Review: Kelly Rowland film has all the festive elements
Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot in 'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' (Lifetime)

Lifetime's Yuletide roster continues to infuse the Christmas spirit in abundance with 'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby'. The third installment of the Liddle family is all about love, Christmas cheer, and most importantly, a miracle for almost every member of the Liddle family. Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot return as Jacquie and Tyler Liddle and they have a baby. What makes the movie tick is the fact that it has all elements of the perfect season flick. There's some comedy, food that you can smell, some lovely snow and all that makes you want the festival to arrive early.

Familiar faces return in the movie with Jacquie’s sister Treena (Latonya Williams) and her husband Julian (Jaime M. Callica) thinking about adopting a baby themselves. Kiara’s (Bresha Webb) relationship with Chris (Nathan Witte) makes for an interesting watch and the subtle twists and turns, which we're not spilling and spoiling it for you folks makes the movie a pleasant watch. There are some movies that are meant to be light and fun-filled. This one's one of them.


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Safe to say, that we'd probably see more of the Liddle's next Christmas as well. The final minutes of the movie hint as much and considering the response the two previous installments, 'Merry Liddle Christmas' and 'Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding' that has been a stellar hit with the audience and with all that this movie offers, there's surely a lot more to look forward to. The movie begins with a heavily pregnant Jacquie (Rowland) and her husband Tyler having a sweet argument about whether it would be a boy or a girl, but in the sweetest of ways, they ensure that the baby is safe and in loving hands.

Treena and Julian are hoping to take the adoption route as the latter, an adopted child himself is keen to take a baby under his wing and give him the same love and care that he received. This is one of the social messages that encourage adoption and provide love and life to a child that needs it the most. Kiara and Chris's relationship forms some of the funny moments of the film, but not before they have some surprises of their own to spring.

'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' makes for a heartwarming watch and is the perfect way to top off what will surely have been some testing last few months. As the world seeks to return to normalcy after the tumultuous pandemic and the slow recovery, some festive cheer is a welcome feeling and Rowland's flick, all about family, makes sure the audience will sink right into the Christmas spirit.

'Merry Liddle Christmas' releases Saturday, November 27 at 8p/7c on Lifetime.

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