'You f******g s*****d me': Lewis Hamilton slammed for rant on live TV at Mercedes for costing him Dutch GP win

'You f******g s*****d me': Lewis Hamilton slammed for rant on live TV at Mercedes for costing him Dutch GP win
Lewis Hamilton lost his cool at his team during Dutch Grand Prix (Clive Mason/Getty Images)

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who failed to get a spot on the podium during the Dutch Grand Prix, got furious over the team’s pit stop strategy calling it the biggest f**k up. The 37-year-old lost his cool at his team as he went on a rant before securing the fourth spot in the race. This could have been the British racer’s first win of the year. Social media users slammed him brutally for his rude behavior with his team.
The seven-time world champion managed to put up an impressive show throughout the race but Mercedes' pit stop strategy left Lewis Hamilton agitated. He had the opportunity to cross the chequered flag first but the home favorite Max Verstappen ended up lifting the trophy. Mercedes opted for a one-stop strategy. Hamilton was leading the race when a safety car was initiated on lap 55. Valtteri Bottas called out the safety car, and since the team did not change tires on Hamilton's car, he was the only one at the top driving with the soft tires.
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Lewis Hamilton goes on Instagram after losing the Dutch Grand Prix (Instagram@lewishamilton)
Lewis Hamilton goes on Instagram after losing the Dutch Grand Prix (Instagram@lewishamilton)

‘I can't believe you guys f***ing screwed me’

According to The Daily Mail, Lewis Hamilton was told to remain out in a bid to hold track position. The team called in his team-mate George Russell, after he insisted, he was losing tyre temperature on the mediums. Soon, Charles Leclerc and George Russell managed to overtake Hamilton leaving him at the fourth spot.
Lewis Hamilton then lost his cool as on the radio team he was heard yelling, “That was the biggest f*** up. I can't believe you guys fu**ing screwed me. I can't tell you how p***ed I am.' Hamilton's race engineer Peter Bonnington said, “Sorry about that, Lewis. It was looking good, but we will sit down and review the decisions we made. Teammate Toto Wolff also apologized saying, “Lewis, sorry it didn't work out. We took a risk. Let's discuss it between us in the office.” The F1 champion later on the radio praised his team’s strategy department saying, “To all the mechanics, fantastic job today.”   


‘I don't want to apologize for my passion’

An hour after the race at Dutch Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton explained his fury saying, “They were the best pit-stops of the season so thank you for the continued efforts. Let's keep pushing. We still got points today.” He continued, “I don't want to apologize for my passion, because that is just how I am made and I don't always get it right.”
He added, “I am sorry to my team for what I said because it was made in the heat of the moment. Of course, I am disappointed. It has been such a rollercoaster ride this year. I got up to second, I was catching them (Verstappen) and thinking, "Wow, we could be fighting for a win here, and maybe a one-two.” Hamilton further stated, “And then the safety car came through and fricking emotions were all over the place. I knew at that moment I had lost it because everyone was on the soft tyre and there was no way I was going to hold them behind me.' Hamilton also took to Instagram saying his team will rise and win again adding he has 100%faith in his team.   


‘Shame on you’

Social media users took to Twitter to slam Lewis Hamilton’s behavior toward his team. “The real Lewis Hamilton crying like a baby on team radio.” Another user shared, “Lewis Hamilton fired at his team's tactical split over the radio. But risk was the only chance for victory for Mercedes. Hamilton made the mistake when he restarted. He put it on too early and was in the wrong engine mode.” One chimed in saying, “Why is it when @alo_oficial says something on the radio he’s castrated. But when @LewisHamilton f**ks the whole team ‘he’s just expressing himself.”
The next one tweeted, “Lewis hamilton is a bellend went to town on his team for strategy but about 35secs later says they are the best he doesnt think that, his first messages over team radio proves how much of a d**k that guy is!!!!!” As one concluded, “No doubt the team made a big mistake, however these guys make an incredible sacrifice to work in F1 and to be slaughtered over a public radio message by a guy who's supposedly meant to be a legend of the sport is incredibly crass. Shame on you @LewisHamilton.” 







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