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Was Lewis Hamilton robbed of F1 Championship to satisfy NETFLIX? Fans drop Drive to Survive theory

Race director Michael Masi has found himself at the center of a controversy for his decision that led to Verstappen's last-lap victory
UPDATED DEC 14, 2021
Did Lewis Hamilton lose to Max Verstappen due to Netflix? (Lars Baron/Getty Images)
Did Lewis Hamilton lose to Max Verstappen due to Netflix? (Lars Baron/Getty Images)

Race director Michael Masi has found himself at the centre of a controversy that will be around motorsport for days to come following one of the most spectacular races in Formula One history.

Lewis Hamilton lost the championship to Max Verstappen after the usage of a safety car when Nicholas Latifi crashed, despite leading from the first corner and looking to be on track for a record-setting eighth world title. Masi's decision to allow the cars between Hamilton and Verstappen unlap themselves put the two drivers next to each other for the race's last lap in Abu Dhabi when Verstappen overtook Hamilton and won. However, the controversy surrounding Masi's decision on unlapping has enraged the Formula One community, with fans clamoring for him to be fired as race director.


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The controversial decision of Michael Masi led to speculation among commentators and fans that the choice was made to create a dramatic conclusion to match the high drama that has engulfed Formula One this season. Masi's decision has been described as a "juicy plot" for Netflix's 'Drive to Survive' by many Twitter users. One person tweeted, "The irony is, @F1 probably think the "thrilling finale" they manufactured on the fly for the next season of #drivetosurvive would secure more converts. In reality, the season has been gripping enough and the contrived ending will have turned a lot of people off the sport".


Comedy Central's Trevor Noah tweeted from his personal tweeter account, "Terrible result for Lewis but a great result for F1. Championship decided on the final race, everyone arguing about the rules online and a dramatic ending for the next season of Drive to Survive. Better to be a controversial sport than a boring one."


"Regardless who gets awarded the F1 Championship. This incompetent fool as FIA Race Director ”Michael Masi” needs to be sacked on the spot. #MasiOUT," one enraged fan posted on Twitter. Another wrote: "No matter whom you support. Max or Lewis. I think both sides can agree that Masi needs to be fired. The guy is as consistent as the UK's lockdown rules".



"Michael Masi needs to be sacked immediately." another fan added. "Should never be in charge of another F1 race again." While most fans have been enthralled by the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen this season, one fan called the campaign "a complete joke" and demanded that Masi be fired immediately.