Legacies season 1: Why this Salvatore School vampire could be the next to die on the show

The last episode gave us a couple of clues as to what is going to happen next, hinting slightly as to who could possibly die next on the show.  

                            Legacies season 1: Why this Salvatore School vampire could be the next to die on the show

At this point in the season, anything can happen on 'Legacies'. From having a Malapocalypse knocking right on their doors with just one key left to be broken to some really unexpected love traingles, 'Legacies' is really bringing all it has to the table, as we inch towards the season finale.

The last episode, 'There's a Mummy on Main Street,' gave us a couple of clues as to what is going to happen next and also threw in generous amounts of supernatural teen drama. But, it also made hinted slightly towards who could possibly die next on the show.  



Kaleb (Chris Lee) has in recent times evolved to become an integral part of the storyline. One of the most controversial characters on the show, this rebellious vampire has had an arc that has gone from being absolutely disliked to loved and adored, finding his redemption when the show returned after its fall break. 

In his early days on the show, we saw him as someone who didn't mind bending the rules just a little. He was proud of his species and had no qualms about drinking human blood - something that Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis) has maintained he never wants anyone doing. He's a sharp contrast to Alaric's idealism and as the season has progressed, we see that he may actually be right and this trait of his to question the headmaster's authority may just save everyone's life.

"Times are different now and the rules should be too. Vampires need real blood, witches need offensive magic," he told Alaric in the last episode and you can see that somewhere in his mind, Alaric knows that it's true. This shift in idealism for the supernaturals will be a huge turning point for the story, but to get to this, they will need a bigger push than a bug attack at Maple Hollows. It is possible that it will be Kaleb's death that forces Alaric to change his ways to fight Malivore. 



For Alaric, who used to be a vampire and a Hunter at some point in this universe, it would take something extremely heartbreaking to get him to see the world differently. He's lost so much to the supernatural world and violence - his pregnant wife was stabbed brutally at their wedding by her twin brother, just so he could have enough power over their coven.

After his daughters are saved with the help of two witches, Caroline Forbes (Candice King) and Bonnie Wright (Kat Graham), his perspective changes and he slowly becomes the man we see now. One can imagine just how wrong he needs to be proven to be able to take Kaleb's advice.  

Knowing Julie Plec's penchant for killing off characters on the show that have the most shock and emotional value, it does seem suspicious that Kaleb has suddenly become such a huge part of the fight. Kaleb's death seems extremely plausible since we haven't had a death yet in the season and if 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals' provide any lessons - we should brace for atleast one death each season. 

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