'Legacies': There's more to Chris Lee's character Kaleb than meets the eye

One of the most controversial characters on the show, Kaleb has had a character arc that has gone from being absolutely disliked to somewhat humane, before the show's fall break

                            'Legacies': There's more to Chris Lee's character Kaleb than meets the eye

If there's one thing you can say about all of Julie Plec's characters, they always have more to them than meets the eye. Take Kaleb (played by Chris Lee) in 'Legacies', for example. One of the most controversial characters on the show, Kaleb has had a character arc that has gone from being absolutely disliked to somewhat humane, before the show went on its fall break. However, the question remains if he will find his redemption when the show returns, and from the looks of things — he certainly will.


Kaleb was introduced to the story as a vampire with a rebellious streak — he wasn't a fan of the no human blood rule and he had no qualms about breaking them.

We don't see much of Kaleb in the premiere of the show, but right in the second episode, he shows us that he doesn't mind bending the rules just a little. When the Stallions were playing against Mystic High in the episode, Kaleb is the first one who gets in on using supernatural powers to win the game — even though it meant potentially exposing them to the townsfolk and jeopardizing everything that Alaric and Caroline had built. Alaric's instructions had specifically mentioned that it was another step towards keeping their identities a secret but Kaleb doesn't seem to care — and that is exactly what led to his downfall.

You see, Kaleb is proud of his species much more than anyone else at the school. He thinks that vampires are superior to humans and that it is their right to feed on their blood.

He is also cocky about the fact that he has an upper hand in the equation between humans and vampires — so much so that the consequences of his acts don't even cross his mind. His agenda is just that he's trying to look out for his own and stand up for what he believes in and we can be certain that Kaleb actually means no harm.

However, the storyline doesn't seem to think so. Kaleb makes an irreversible mistake in the first half of the season — the results of which will potentially haunt him forever. His friendship with MG may just change the course of his life in the worst way possible.


Kaleb and MG have had their share of ups and downs and we've always seen that MG tends to follow what Kaleb does — after all, MG is one of the most impressionable and easily manipulated characters on the show. However, when it came to Kaleb's eating (or drinking) habits, MG always disagreed, that is until Kaleb indirectly convinced him that he needed to feed on humans to get stronger. After MG fights off the zombies resurrected by The Necromancer in 'Mombie Dearest' along with Hope, Penelope, and Alaric, he realizes that he needs to be stronger and Kaleb's words about feeding on "the real thing" crosses his mind. Kaleb decides that it was a good idea to take him to feed on Remembrance Day to the woods where human beings would flock to pay their respects to their loved ones.

Although librarian and all-around hero Dorian spots him at the graveyard, he gets there too late — MG had already had his taste. To make matters worse, he couldn't stop.

Now the problem with young vamps, as Dorian points out, is that they tend to lose control once they've tasted human blood. MG showed all the symptoms of being a potential Ripper, meaning he could turn feral after being addicted to human blood. Rippers in 'The Vampire Diaries' universe turn off their humanity and don't care about who they hurt. They live for the kill. While MG is being held, we see something we have never seen on Kaleb's face before — guilt.


It was at this point that Kaleb starts questioning everything he knew. Just like any other teen, Kaleb had his own set of opinions about things and a lot of staunch ideals. However, this was when his bubble broke and he realized that there were some very real consequences to his actions and how sometimes things can get out of hand like quicksand. There's also a side to him we see that we couldn't have believed existed in the beginning of the season — he is actually a pretty caring guy. 


When the show returns, Kaleb will change for sure. There may be a chance that he won't be as sassy anymore and we may see a side to Kaleb that wants to fix things. This is a character arc we are dying to see. 

'Legacies' episode 8 'Maybe I Should Start From The End' airs on January 24 at  9/8c on CW.

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