'Legacies' season 1 episode 12: Josie's dark secret may ruin her relationship with Lizzie forever

The latest episode of 'Legacies' may have been of 'biblical proportions', but what left us shook was the side to Josie we thought didn't exist

                            'Legacies' season 1 episode 12: Josie's dark secret may ruin her relationship with Lizzie forever

Spoiler alert for 'Legacies' season 1 episode 12

The latest episode of 'Legacies' may have been of "biblical proportions", but what left us shook was the side to Josie we thought didn't exist. She not only sabotaged their spring break trip three years ago, but she also drove a wedge between Lizzie and Hope on purpose. If that wasn't enough, she made up a rumor about Lizzie being "witch bipolar". Heartbroken, right? We know. 


This week, the gang take a little road trip to Maple Hollows to figure out what is up with the "plaguey" infestation going on. Turns out, it was all for the urn. Alaric, who in his slugged state had chucked the urn off the bridge last week, feels that even though he was being mind controlled, his actions are his own responsibility. Kaleb, the twins, Hope, Emma, Dorian, and Alric set off to this nearby town and to be honest, we should have known from the way things went on in the car that this monster was only going to be much worse. Josie kept throwing up, Lizzie couldn't stop incessantly punching Hope in the arm and blaming her for everything that's wrong in her life and Alaric couldn't stop being lame — we seriously Hope Lizzie can have a talk with last week's Jinny and wish this never repeats itself.



When they reach Maple Hollows, its a very 'Lord of the Flies' situation. Swarms of killer beetles cover their car and bite everyone including Josie and everyone's just flipping out. We did too, a little bit — never have we ever related to Emma more than we did in this episode. "Creepy crawlies, I hate them!" But, clearly, Julie Plec wanted us to get the chills so the show also brought along a mummy that controls all these bugs. This, however, was pretty normal. What wasn't though was the army of highly geared up men coming to control the situation. As we later find out, the seedy Triad dude was behind all this. He talks Ric into helping him get everyone in the camp to forget the whole incident in order to keep the secret of the supernaturals intact.

What they didn't realize was that he was also after the urn, as much as they were so when they steal it and try to run away, he forces his hand. He asks them to hand over the urn in exchange for Emma and Dorian’s lives — who he had happily kidnapped. They had to turn in the urn but more drama awaited us as we headed back to Salvatore School.



In the car, Hope tells Lizzie, quite honestly, that she grew up in a Mikaelson family and would never ever talk ill about her mental illness.

She tells her that she knows what its like to grow up with people that she did and she's shocked that Lizzie would think that she was capable of such a thing. Lizzie believes her and its almost as though there were angels singing in the background for that one moment — a beautiful, pure, hate-less moment of bonding between Liz and Hope. But it's cut short when Lizzie realizes that it was Jo who had told her about the whole thing.


Later, at home, Jo confesses that she had written a note to Hope telling her that she had a crush on her and she was the one who set the fire — to stop Hope from reading it. Then, she confesses that every time Jo has ever liked anyone, Liz goes after them hard and she didn't want that for Hope. "You had a crush on me?" Hope asks as this whole revelation is going on, clearly only being able to hear the sweet side of this mess. Hosie shippers, it looks like there's Hope after all.

Meanwhile, Dorian finds out that Ric kissed Emma when he was un-slugged and ends up clocking Ric in the face and quitting the job. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 13 airs on Thursday, March 7 at 9/8c on The CW.