Legacies season 1 episode 11: The three potential love triangles you didn't see coming

A certain headmaster finds a flame but one can't help but notice Hope's type though - curly haired boys who can't take care of themselves. 

                            Legacies season 1 episode 11: The three potential love triangles you didn't see coming

Contains spoilers for Legacies season 1 episode 11.

The supernaturals at the Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted put on a talent show this week on 'Legacies' but the real tea is in the three potential love triangles coming your way this season. From the obvious one that has been building up since the last couple of episodes featuring everyone's favorite werewolf alpha Rafael, pity party expert and potential Malivore savior Landon Kirby and Tribrid Hope Mikaelson, this episode, 'We're Gonna Need a Spotlight' has laid the groundwork for a couple of others that involve people you'd never believe could have a thing. 

Alaric Saltzman and Emma grow closer in this episode and it has been confirmed that Hope's ex Roman too is getting back into the picture.




This week's episode featured a mind-controlling parasite that infects the entire school, lowering everyone's inhibitions and making them go after the urn. It all starts when Hope, Alaric, and Dorian find a trapped unicorn in the school grounds. While the other two wants to finish it off thinking its a Malivore monster, Hope dissuades them thinking that it's harmless. The unicorn, as it turns out, was a host to a bunch of gross looking mind-controlling bugs that enter the school latched onto Hope. 

The results, surprisingly, are pretty great. Everyone affected by the parasite is in a peppy mood - Hope, Josie, Kaleb, Rafael and Emma, all let their guard down and show people their true self and for just a minute there, you feel really happy for them. They've been fighting monsters and dealing with dark, twisted pasts along with figuring out their true selves - a little happiness is something to be grateful for.



Meanwhile, there's the annual talent show happening and everyone's getting ready to showcase their bit. In a surprising twist of events, Josie ends up taking the spotlight this week and for the first time, Lizzie is sort of happy for her. They win of course. Even though she doesn't remember what she was told about the Merge, Lizzie has considerably tried to turn over a new leaf since the last episode. It doesn't last too long, but that's not important. What's important is that Josie, in her slugged state, not only smashes the competition but also shares a quick kiss with Penelope - but there's a catch. The episode confirms that Posie will never be back together again (I know, we weep but if they keep stealing kisses, we could console ourselves a little). At the same talent show, Raf, also slugged, makes an insane almost-confession about how much he's into Hope.



Now we say almost because as soon as he's reciting poetry looking at Hope and Landon, who barge into the auditorium after getting slug free, Raf suddenly starts talking about the urn. He somehow activates the other slugged students and havoc breaks. He brushes it off later saying that it's nothing and he was mind controlled and that Landon has nothing to worry about, but the look on his face when he's alone right after gives it all away - Raf just cannot stop thinking about Hope. 

Then there's the case of Alaric and Emma. Emma, also slugged, convinces Alaric to take the day off. They go drinking to a local bar, do shots, sing karaoke and before Alaric knows it, he's asked Emma out. She refuses but ends up kissing him anyway. Later, Alaric finds out that she's actually seeing Dorian. Phew! this school! If you remember how sad Dorian's past is, it would be gut-wrenching for him to suffer another heartbreak. Alaric too is just as sad when it comes to his romantic life, his wife being killed on their wedding day and all, so Emma is literally stuck between a guy she's liked since forever and the "nice guy" she's dating now.



Coming to the last triangle, although it wasn't revealed in this episode, it is going to be Hope, Landon and the really pathetic mama's boy vampire from 'The Originals', Roman Sienna. Roman's mom had a huge part to play in killing Hope's mom Hayley and he had lied to her consistently. Episode 14's synopsis reveals Roman visiting the school and Hope being so distraught she loses her Tribrid mojo.

Landon too, is on edge, understandably. One can't help but notice Hope's type though - curly haired boys who can't take care of themselves. 

Here's hoping for some drama next week. Tune into 'Legacies' season 1 episode 12 on Thursday, February 28 at 9/8c on The CW.