'Legacies' Season 1: Is Landon one of the Old Ones? New fan theory could explain how he escaped the fire

While fans are still split over if Landon is a demi-god, a doppelganger or came from a line of Hunters to kill whatever monster Malivore holds, a new fan theory has emerged

                            'Legacies' Season 1: Is Landon one of the Old Ones? New fan theory could explain how he escaped the fire

Landon Kirby has been the center of speculations ever since we realized that the boy may be the key to stop the supernatural apocalypse or, for 'Legacies' fans, Malapocalypse. There have been multiple theories about who Landon is, where he's possibly come from and how he's going to help sort out the whole problem of Malivore. Some say he may be a demi-god, some say he may be a doppelganger while others say that he comes from a line of Hunters who are meant to kill whatever monster Malivore holds. However, a new theory suggests that he may be one of the Old Ones — and it may possibly be true.


EmperorJoker on Reddit suggests that Landon may actually be an Original or pureblood vampire. Now the only Originals we know had a show named after them and were a family — yes, the Mikaelsons. But even before Klaus and Elijah and the rest of the family, there was Silas. However, this theory suggests that what we know about the Originals being the first vampires is all wrong — they existed much before the Mikaelsons and Silas and Landon Kirby may be one of those immortals.

"Vampires in myth go all the way back to ancient Egypt and cultures prior to the originals; even Cade's time," suggests the theory.

It adds that the "Mikaelson's were the first 'artificially' created vampires via magic and with all the mystical memory wipes going on, they believed they were, in fact, the original and progenitors of vampires." Now, this mind wiping has been a consistent trait in most people who were brought back from the dead. Co-incidence? Maybe not.


The theory further suspects that Landon is an Old One and he doesn't even know it. It also suggests that it may be possible that the Old Ones may make an appearance on the show. For Landon to be born into a family that possibly hunted monsters for a living could be a well thought out plan by Kirby's older self, the theory suggests. She'd love her child and would be unable to kill him even if she got hint of the "elaborate master plan" — totally possible right? It would connect the dots as to why his mum gave him up and why he doesn't remember anything at all.

The Old Ones, interestingly, have this ability called Self-Resurrection. They can bring themselves back from the dead — the spirit merely can pass on to a descendant and things would go on as usual. Now, remember the bus that caught fire in episode 2 where everyone died but Landon survived? The show never explained why or how that happened and we assumed it was because of the knife — but what if it wasn't?

Landon is in New Orleans possibly kidnapped at the moment and hopefully, when the show returns, we'll know more. 'Legacies' episode 8 'Maybe I Should Start From The End' airs on January 24 at 9/8c on CW.