'Legacies': Is Landon a magical doppelganger? Possible answers to burning questions about Hope and the knife thief

'Legacies': Is Landon a magical doppelganger? Possible answers to burning questions about Hope and the knife thief

When 'Legacies' premiered in late October this year, fans were pretty skeptic about how great the show would be. It came in with a lot of expectations for sure, after all, it was a spin-off of one of the most loved shows The CW has ever made, 'The Originals'. The show ran for five extremely successful seasons and it wasn't too hard to guess why.

The plot for the predecessor for 'Legacies' had everything going for it - it had plenty of great characters, the story arc was phenomenal and it always found a way to reinvent itself each season. 'Legacies' has, in a lot of ways incorporated the best of 'The Originals' in its debut season. The most prominent one being the two supernatural characters at the center of the show's universe - Hope Mikaelson and Landon Kirby.


As individuals, Hope and Landon are quite interesting. Hope is a one of kind in the supernatural world - she's the first of what the show likes to call the Tribrids. Born out of the union of an Original hybrid and a werewolf mother, Hope turned out to be not just a werewolf and a vampire but also a witch. A really powerful one at that.

As for Landon, while he appears to be human, he ends up activating the power of an ancient artifact no one knows anything about. At first, we thought it was just a coincidence but then the wielding of the knife invited trouble. Creatures that were supposed to be long dead came out of hiding in order to get the knife back, leaving us wondering who Landon is, what's his purpose and how Hope fits into this mess. Here are the possible answers to these burning questions. 

Landon is a doppelganger of someone even older than the likes of the Mikaelsons

Redditor phantomxtroupe suggested Landon is actually a doppelganger of someone from a time much before the Mikaelsons, Silas and Qetsiyah's time. Silas was the first immortal man while Qetsiyah was the first known Hunter. The theory suggests that an evil supernatural creature that existed at the same time could have caused mayhem and destruction.

This evil creature used his minions to cause harm (dragons, gargoyles and massive spiders like the ones we've seen on the show so far). To bring him down, a group of witches could have possibly enchanted a dagger (our knife from the present time) and given it to the bravest person they knew. This hero defeated the creature and locked him away into the Other Side and brought peace to the land. The knife was then hidden away either by the witches or the hero. Landon could possibly be his doppelganger.


It is also a possibility that the hero had changed sides and the witches had to intervene and take the knife away. This would explain why Landon is always out of harm's way and it is the witches who have to be the ones facing these monsters. The fact that Hope is good at magic and the Saltzman twins are from the Gemini coven, obviously helps. It is entirely possible that the Gemini coven, one of the oldest and strongest groups of witches, were the ones to bewitch the knife. It would explain why the monsters keep trying to hurt them.  

What is Landon's purpose

The knife could be magically linked to his bloodline and would be activated every time there was a breach from the Other Side. The monsters we see could be coming to retrieve the knife so that they can keep their master safe. It is entirely possible that he's the big bad villain of the series and could be planning an attack. It would also explain why the knife kept calling to him and he had no choice but to pick it up and run away. It is entirely possible the knife was what kept him safe from the dragon on the bus - he was safe and sound when the rest of the passengers had been burnt to a crisp.


The theory also suggests every couple of centuries the door to the Other Side opens up and the creature tries to get out and finish his job of wiping out supernaturals off the face of the earth. It is possible that the 'Legacies' present time is when this breach is taking place. The wielder of the knife is said to save the Earth from the end of times, so it is entirely possible that the war between the next generation of supernaturals and this ancient power is close. 

In the trailer for the show that aired in July, there's a tiny bit mentioned about how the agenda of the school was to get all of them to work together to defeat a common enemy. Easter egg? Could be!


Hope's role in the story 

Hope is an established character from 'The Originals' that has moved on to 'Legacies'. In 'The Originals' Hope was the one that did most of the saving, so it would be pretty safe to say that she would definitely be on the good side.

Hope's powers are fully developed, unlike anyone else at the school. It is possible that Hope and Landon will fight the big villain together, which means, they will eventually make up and come out stronger on the other side. Of course, the Gemini/Saltzman twins would play a role in his downfall and it is entirely possible that Hope's magic is the key to unlocking theirs.



If 'Legacies' does plan a plot twist and decides to make the finale as heart-wrenching as 'The Originals' then they would put them on different sides. It would be Landon vs. Hope, out of which Hope would come out in one piece because, well, she's a Tribrid. A Tribrid so powerful, she had Klaus Mikaelson, one of the strongest Originals to have ever walked the sets of 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals' running for the door. 

'Legacies' airs every Thursday on The CW.

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