'Legacies': Did the gargoyle come to protect Landon? The two most probable theories about the knife thief

Landon Kirby may not be Percy Jackson, but he's definitely not a character that is as simple as he looks. So, what is with Landon and the knife? Who is he?

                            'Legacies': Did the gargoyle come to protect Landon? The two most probable theories about the knife thief

Apart from Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) and the Saltzman twins, there is one more character who has come right off the season finale plot of 'The Originals' into 'Legacies'. You know what that translates to, right? He's about to be hella important in the show.

We are talking about the broody and strange Landon Kirby (Aria Shahghasemi), of course. Hope's love interest and a boy with a strange affinity towards a mysterious knife that started the mess the Salvatore School is in, there's always been something special about the character. There have been numerous theories surrounding Landon and the knife and these two really stand out.


Is he the answer Alaric Saltzman has been looking for? Right from the begining, Saltzman (Matt Davis) has been researching about the mysterious knife and what it truly signifies. He hasn't found much about it, except that it is completely indestructible. It was dated back to the 12th century and the monsters that followed, also are often associated with the Gothic architecture of the time.

According to a theory, Landon may be part of the bloodline that owned the knife originally. It would explain his affinity towards the object and the reason he was able to activate it. The theory also suggests he comes from a line of supernatural beings who could be cursed or responsible to protect humanity at all costs.

We know he cannot be compelled. It is possible that his bloodline is shielded from supernatural influences, making him a protector of sorts at birth. His puberty could have awakened the powers that lie within. There's also a possibility Landon's ancestors were the ones that closed the breach between the other dimension that Alaric keeps talking about - the one that keeps sending these creatures to the school.

This would explain why we never really saw any monsters like dragons and gargoyles in 'The Originals' or 'The Vampire Diaries' - this family existed much earlier than the two timelines. As to why no "evil" witch has ever opened this breach would be explained by his ancestors closing it before it became noticeable. And thus, explaining why the Originals have never seen an dragon or gargoyle.


There is another theory that suggests Landon is a demi-god or a reincarnation of a god who hunted supernatural beings and his weapon of choice was a knife. These creatures could be swarming in to save their ruler, who they believe needs their help since he is surrounded by supernatural beings. The activation of the knife could be seen as a call for help.

He could also possibly be a Supernatural Hunter, Hunter for short. This would mean he is a human endowed with supernatural abilities to hunt and kill vampires through magical means like witchcraft. Even though they are 100 percent human, they are considered supernatural simply because when they die, they move on to the Other Side, which is purgatory for supernatural spirits.

This sect was mentioned in 'The Vampire Diaries' but the show never really delved deep enough to explain it. This theory would explain why the knife called to him when he saw it - it's his destiny to end all supernaturals. While these two theories are both absolutely polar opposites of each other, both of them seem entirely possible.

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