'Legacies': How Landon Kirby went from an extra on 'The Originals' to the potential demi-god in The CW spin-off

Weilder of an ancient magical knife with a mysterious past, Landon Kirby has gone from bullied nobody to hero real quick

                            'Legacies': How Landon Kirby went from an extra on 'The Originals' to the potential demi-god in The CW spin-off

When Landon Kirby (Aria Shahghasemi) appeared in 'The Originals' for the first time, it never looked like the boy was going to make it past the season finale. Shy, with never really much to say, Landon was just a cute boy who appeared on Hope Mikaelson's radar when she was visiting Mystic Falls with her uncle Elijah. Landon was working at the local burger joint — a garden variety extra in 'The Vampire Diaries/The Originals' universe. Anyone's first guess would be that he would just end up being collateral damage when one of the supernaturals needed to feed. Yet, here he is on 'Legacies' as the wielder of a mystical knife and a mysterious bloodline he knows nothing about.


Landon's character arc is extremely interesting, to say the least. While everyone else on The CW spin-off has had gradual progress, even its heroine Hope, Landon has jumped arcs like no one else. However, in spite of having such a twisted tale, we know little to nothing about where he comes from. He started off as a guy who waited tables at Mystic Falls on the show. He's bullied by the local rich kids who mock him because he doesn't have enough money. In the final season of 'The Originals', Hope was already enrolled at the Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted and she hadn't seen him at school, so we know that he wasn't in school at the time they met.


When he appeared on 'Legacies', this was confirmed. He indeed didn't have a place to go and we find out that he was an orphan who grew up in foster care. He and his foster brother Rafael Waithe (who is a werewolf) end up coming to the school after Alaric Saltzman decided that he may be a supernatural too. You see when Milton Greasley tried to use Mind Compulsion on him, he couldn't and we know that only Hunters and Passengers are safe from this vampire ability. However, much later on the show, the magical test determined that he's too human. While almost all human beings have some trace of magic from their ancestors in their bloodline, Landon was absolutely clean — like someone wanted to intentionally hide who he was. 

Landon took center stage after he stole the knife from the school. He repeatedly lied about its existence too, making everyone lose faith in him completely, including Hope. What made matters worse was the fact that when he was running away with the knife, the entire bus caught fire and everyone died, except him. The knife and Landon remained intact, making everyone think he did it. The story later confirms that it was a dragon who did it, but we still don't know how he got out of it alive. No one knows till now how or why he was able to pick up the knife when it hadn't behaved that way all the years it had stayed with Alaric in the school.


Theories suggested that he was a demi-god or a doppelganger of a Hunter, but we can't be sure of both. There's an air of mystery surrounding the teen and all we can do is wonder. He's a part of too many parallel storylines on the show to face sudden death anymore. He's Hope's love interest and he's Raphael's foster bro, who is also just as important now that he's been upped to Alpha in the pack. He's also somehow related to the big bad, Malivore.

Landon Kirby hasn't appeared on the last couple of episodes of the show and in spite of no screen time, he's still a huge part of the bigger picture. Hope may be our protagonist this time, but it is definitely Landon Kirby who has our attention.

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