Le Sserafim's Sakura again voices support for the LGBT community: ‘An angel’

Before debuting in IZ*ONE, Sakura used to review Japanese films from which some had LGBT+ storylines

                            Le Sserafim's Sakura again voices support for the LGBT community: ‘An angel’
Sakura says she wants to be a role model for LGBT+ fans (@le_sserafim/Instagram)

With South Korea being a conservative country, it still has a long way to go when it comes to LGBT+ rights. In fact, just a couple of days ago, the first openly gay K-pop idol Holland was subject to a hate crime by a homophobic assailer in the tourist area of Itaewon, Seoul. And so, K-pop agencies school their idols from not talking about LGBT+ issues since it could lead to backlash from the general public. But that gradually seems to be changing as idols from Le Sserafim’s Sakura and A.C.E to SHINee’s Minho and SF9’s Rowoon are showing their support.

In fact, the BL (boy love) K-drama ‘Semantic Error’ starring former KNK idol Seoham and DKZ’s Jaechan was the most-watched drama on OTT platforms surpassing even Netflix in March 2022. And now, Le Sserafim’s Sakura voiced her concern over homosexuality being taboo in her home country Japan and South Korea and how she wants to change that. The female idol shared that she wanted K-pop idols who have a global platform to be role models and allies to the LGBT+ community. This has led to the fans unearthing that this is not the first time that she has spoken up.


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Sakura wants to be role model for LGBT+ fans

Before Sakura debuted in the K-pop group IZ*ONE, in 2017 she used to review films in a Japanese magazine. Many were touched as she picked films depicting LGBT+ issues like ‘Close-Knit’ and ‘The 100th Love With You’ and said, “In my opinion, Japan needs to deepen its understanding of homosexuality.” Her reviews were again brought up in her recent interview with Weverse Magazine which she gladly talked about.

Sakura explained that while idols have to be cautious of what they say because their words are always under scrutiny, she felt that she had to address the way society still doesn’t accept the LGBT+ community, since idols are not someone who simply dance and sing. The Le Sserafim star wanted to be a support system for those who need it, “I wanted to let people know there were others with these kinds of thoughts, and I also thought that if an idol was talking about the issue that even more people could become aware of it, too. Some day our group might sing a song about love and I have this idea that I’d like to sing about love that’s universal.”

‘It means so much to me’

Fans were touched as one tweeted, “I'm literally tearing up she's an angel.” Another pointed out, “I love sakura so much because a lot of support for the community is j an idol wearing something rainbow and their fans going “lgbt legend” and the fancall “love is love”. but basically no idols have explicitly spoken about the community like THIS. idk it just means a lot to me.”

One posted, “She has always been so supportive and open abt lgbt and love… sakura is really just amazing in every way and little things like this and the interview below are just reasons i appreciate her a lot… and the way she wants to be a role model and show others love is only natural.” Another fan added, “SO glad that sakura isn’t afraid to shy away from issues that idols face when expressing their personal thoughts about LGBT, as a lesbian, it means so much to me that an idol i look up to doesn’t judge me for my sexuality.”





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