Lauren Boebert booed for heckling Joe Biden at SOTU, internet calls her a 'disgrace'

'You put them in there, 13 of them,' Boebert shouted, blaming Biden for the deaths of 13 troops in Afghanistan

                            Lauren Boebert booed for heckling Joe Biden at SOTU, internet calls her a 'disgrace'
Lauren Boebert is being slammed by the internet for interrupting Joe Biden (Inset) at the State of the Union address on Tuesday (Joe Raedle and Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Controversial congresswoman Lauren Boebert was booed after she interrupted President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address on Tuesday. Boebert's interjections came while Biden talked about fallen service members and the death of his son, who had died from cancer, possibly caused by the burn pits in Iraq.

"They come home, many of the world's fittest and best-trained warriors in the world, never the same. Headaches, numbness, dizziness. A cancer that would put them in a flag-draped coffin," Biden said when Boebert interrupted him and shouted, "You put them in there, 13 of them," blaming him for the deaths of the 13 troops in Afghanistan.


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Vice President Kamala Harris' disapproval of Boebert's behavior was visible, but Biden carried on, saying he did not know if his son's brain cancer had been caused by the burn pits he had lived next to while on duty. Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene continued to heckle the President throughout the speech. Boebert started shouting "Build the Wall" after Biden promised to "secure the border and fix the immigration system," and Greene joined her in the chanting. The comment was in reference to Trump's US-Mexico border wall, which Biden halted once he was in office.




"When Biden said flag draped coffins I couldn't stay silent. I told him directly he did it. He put 13 in there. Our heroic servicemen and women deserve so much better," Boebert tweeted after the incident. The politician was heavily trolled for her disrespectful behavior and lack of proper etiquette.



Lauren Boebert  (L) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) chanting "Build the Wall" during President Joe Biden's State of the Union address (Win McNamee/Getty Images)


Lauren Boebert (L) Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) scream "Build the Wall" as President Joe Biden delivers the State of the Union address (Evelyn Hockstein-Pool/Getty Images)


Appalled Twitter users made it evident how they felt. One user said, "I'd love to call Lauren Boebert trash, but I have more respect for a literal piece of garbage than I do for her," while another wrote, "I didn't want to give Lauren Boebert any attention, but it has to be said that was a classless moment when she heckled while Joe was talking about his dead son. Truly disgusting." A third commented, "One of the dumbest and most disgusting Members of Congress, Lauren Boebert, just heckled President Biden when he was talking about his dead son, Beau. What a piece of human garbage. Can we deport her in exchange for Ukrainian refugees?" and further added, "Lauren Boebert is a desecration of the United States Congress. A fundamentally terrible human being. Her profound stupidity, utter cruelty, shocking ignorance and bottomless hatred were on full display tonight."





"Lauren Boebert interrupting President Biden while he’s talking about his veteran son who died isn’t a new low, it’s par for the course with these traitor Republicans. Vote them ALL out," said one user. Another added, "Lauren Boebert is absolute trash. The man was talking about the death of his son and so many of my brothers and sisters to burn pits and that horrid little bag of crap yelled out about 13 lost in combat. We've lost thousands and she never gave a god damn about them."




One user said, "Lauren Boebert just yelled out an attack on Biden while he was talking about his dead son. Thankfully, she received bipartisan boos. Absolute subhuman filth." Another added, "Lauren Boebert once again trending for being a huge classless piece of shit." A third commented, "Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are walking warnings of what happens when an entire party gets overtaken by trolls and authoritarians. Simply attention-seeking bad faith machines."





"Lauren Boebert is disgusting for interrupting President Biden while he discussed his late son," wrote one, while another said, "When referencing his son - a veteran who passed away - Congresswoman Lauren Boebert started yelling and interrupting President Biden. Shameful." A third tweeted, "Lauren Boebert is a despicable human being," while a fourth added, "Lauren Boebert just wasn't going to let an opportunity to be the most classless person in the room pass her by #SOTU".






One user felt, "Lauren Boebert deserves to be expelled from Congress." Another said, "Lauren Boebert is a human-sized pile of trash and shit. She is so damn despicable and egregious. Get rid of her!" A third commented, "Heckling anyone over the death of a child is sick. Both sides booed Lauren Boebert. A classless national disgrace."




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