'Jealous' Lauren Boebert slammed for wearing 'Let's Go Brandon' dress to troll AOC

'You do not belong in Congress, you belong in high school. This is what jealous teenage girls do,' posted a user

                            'Jealous' Lauren Boebert slammed for wearing 'Let's Go Brandon' dress to troll AOC
Lauren Boebert appeared to take a swipe at Biden and AOC's Met Gala outfit (Mike Coppola/Getty Images) with 'Let's Go Brandon' dress (Twitter)

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert took a swipe at Alicia Ocasio Cortez, and Joe Biden, as well as the Democrats' election results from earlier this week - all with one fashion statement. In a November 4 meeting with former President Donald Trump, Boebert showed up wearing a red dress with the words 'Let's Go Brandon' inscribed on it. The slogan has been viewed as an anti-Biden chant across the nation. 

Trump-haters took up major issue with the phrase and an Associated Press reporter Colleen Long complained how the pilot on a Southwest Airlines flight she was on said it at the end of an announcement. “TFW you’re trying to go on vacation and then the pilot says the very thing you’re working on over the loudspeaker and you have to try to get him to comment but then almost get removed from the plane,” Long wrote on Saturday, October 30. “Vulgarity stand-in from @SouthwestAir cockpit,” Washington Post editor Cathleen Decker agreed in response to the piece. Multiple attempts are being made by left-leaning personalities to wipe out the phrase which is being viewed as anti-Biden. However, its been noted critics of this phrase didn't seem to opine on some of the nastiest hits aimed at the former President, including the famed phrases, "We're going to impeach the m**therf**ker" and "F*ck Trump."


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'It’s not a phrase, it’s a movement! #LGB'

On November 4, Boebert shared a photo posing next to Donald Trump wearing a red dress. She posed with her back to the camera to show off the snub phrase written on the back of her dress. "It’s not a phrase, it’s a movement! #LGB" she wrote, sharing the photo with her Twitter followers. If you want to read about how the phrase gained a whole fandom of its own click here. Coming back to the dress, Boebert seemed to be taking a hit at not just the Biden administration but at Alicia Ocasio Cortez's expensive Met Gala Dress with the words "Tax the Rich" written on it. AOC was trolled massively for trying to send out that message with her dress at the high-profile event, the tickets for which cost $30,000. Later, AOC had tried to defend her appearance with a tweet. 

While the progressive has yet to comment on Boebert's dress, the Internet is buzzing with opinions. "You do not belong in Congress, you belong in high school. This is what jealous teenage girls do. Your constituents are probably telling you to go to Utah," a tweet read. "Sorry honey - you women do not get my respect. I respect a woman who supports women and you don't," another user tweeted. "That dress looks nasty on this person. Bad thing is, they think it looks good. Lmao," a third wrote. "Intellectually vacant / morally bankrupt individuals such as @laurenboebert not only embarrass the people of the United States, but free people everywhere. Boebert represents/promotes arrogant stupidity & violence. Nothing else. She adds no value whatsoever to the human journey," another Twitter user opined.