Las Vegas woman slammed for fat-shaming daughters-in-law in FB wedding gown ad

The woman placed her 'beautiful' size-two gown for $800 on Facebook Marketplace, along with photos of herself wearing it during her 1994 wedding

                            Las Vegas woman slammed for fat-shaming daughters-in-law in FB wedding gown ad
Grandmother slammed for selling her wedding gown as she claimed her sons 'married bigger girls' and could no longer fit into it. (Photo by @emily_murnane/Twtter)

A woman from Las Vegas was slammed on social media for fat-shaming her daughters-in-law and grandchildren after selling her old wedding gown on Facebook Marketplace. The grandma offered her 'beautiful' size-two gown for $800, along with photos of herself wearing it during her 1994 wedding. The seller also stated in the post that the dress had been in new condition after being professionally packaged to protect it. She had hoped to pass down the 'petite' gown to a family member, but she chose to sell it when her sons "married bigger girls" and could no longer fit into it.

She wrote to a potential buyer in a message, “If I had daughters I would, but even my daughters-in-law were too big. Even my granddaughters will be bigger and not fit the dress. I always hoped that one of them would have been able to, that’s why I’ve kept it all these years. It’s also why I paid to have it professionally packed and preserved, unfortunately, my boys married bigger girls and my granddaughters will also be bigger than I am.” She continued, saying she hoped her boys would marry ‘someone small enough to wear it.’ The grandma complained, “It’s too bad, the dress is gorgeous, and the way it flows when walking is breathtaking. When I bought it, it was a top-of-the-line dress. I thought at least one of the granddaughters should be able to wear it... Well, no such luck.” 


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Her controversial post was re-shared on Twitter, with thousands of people expressing their displeasure. One person wrote on Twitter, “Perhaps she did not understand how genetics worked when she married her huge husband.” “WHEW...😳 In some families, the dress is passed down. In some families, the dress is used to make Christening gowns or other special outfits for the first babies. When the girls/women in her family see this, I hope one of them takes it and burns it in effigy!😳😳😳” another added. 


Someone joked, “Probably gained weight to get out of wearing that dress.” “How much do we want to bet the 'bigger girls' her sons married aren't actually that big. I feel so sorry for everyone who has ever had to interact with this woman,” another user added. “I don't understand the idea of assuming your daughter/ daughter-in-law/ granddaughter will wear your wedding dress. What suits one woman, may not suit another, not to mention differing tastes & fashions of the time change. It's their day & should wear what they want,” yet another person remarked. 






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