Singer Keyshia Cole apologizes for fake pregnancy announcement, claims she was "trolling" all the body shamers

Not pregnant just trolling. Tired of being body shamed Keyshia thought this would be an apt prank to play on those who troll her, turns out not many got the joke.

                            Singer Keyshia Cole apologizes for fake pregnancy announcement, claims she was "trolling" all the body shamers
Keyshia Cole (Source:Getty Images)

Keyshia Cole is NOT pregnant! The singer took to Instagram to announce that she was faking her pregnancy and is not pregnant with a second child. Keyshia decided to take this step in order to teach a lesson to all the trollers on the internet who ever body shamed her. Sharing a picture of her laughing, Keyshia wrote, "I KINDA APOLOGIZE for #TROLLING yesterday, telling Y'all I was ##Preggo!!!! Buuuuuuut Y'all need to stop body shamming me and saying I’m PREGNANT EVERY OTHER DAY !!!! Like seriously, it hurts my feelings." The rumors about the singer being pregnant sparked after she shared a picture on Instagram. 

Keyshia took to Instagram and shared a picture in which she was seen wearing a multi-piece snakeskin outfit. “#PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit 😩 #CongradulationsAreInOrder 😈” she captioned the picture. Fans were quick to congratulate the singer. "Good for you! If you are happy with your situation then that is all that matters! You cannot please everybody! Go girl, Congratulations!!" wrote one fan. 

Another added, "That's going to be a beautiful baby..1Congrats I love seeing you happy." However, when she announced that it was a prank, people had mixed reactions. Some were not pleased that the singer would think of making pregnancy a joke even if it was to teach a lesson. 

"I know, I had a miscarriage and I'm upset at this myself. People body shamed her, but I wouldn't post saying I was pregnant. She should've just ignored the haters. I'm praying for her though," wrote one fan. Another said, "I think it was something more than a prank. I don' been Blessed to live quite a few years and played that game on my boyfriend once when I was at least twenty plus years younger. I'm just not sure how your fans will make you go to that extreme. ONLY she knows what type of time she on. Nevertheless, it's still all Love with me!"

Meanwhile, others advised the singer to focus on the positive comments and ignore the haters. "Lol. You look amazing. So ignore comments. People just not use to genuine love. I have people telling me I must be prego cause this guy is still around. Well... I'm getting fat cause he loves me and feeds me right. Not stressed out looking like Pookie from a new jack. Foh! Enjoy love. But ps. Thanks for making your page back public. If comments hurt. Disable them. And enjoy posting your happiness. Proud of u," wrote one fan. Another added, "People really mad? Like, calm down! People always fat shaming so when someone tries to have a little fun with it, people want to get all sensitive about it."

Even though there might be a few who were not happy with the prank, Keyshia sure is glad that she could make a point and we hope that the trollers have learned that she is not someone to mess with.