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Sharon Osbourne slammed for fat-shaming comments on Adele's weight loss: 'Sounds like something Trump would say'

'When these women say that they are really happy in their body I don't believe them,' was one of Sharon's statements that riled up viewers
Adele and Sharon Osbourne (Getty Images)
Adele and Sharon Osbourne (Getty Images)

Adele's weight loss journey has left millions inspired and Sharon Osbourne is one of them. She has gone through what the singer went through which explains why she went all out when about the singer's body transformation.  

Sharon was really big at one point in time and she remembers it as an unhappy phase, during which she would smile on the outside but would go to sleep feeling all kinds of negative emotions. 

On 'The Talk', a chat show, the businesswoman-author explained why she was with Adele on this journey. "She must have felt, you know what I am going to try and lose weight for wherever reason — health I am sure. You know what, she looks absolutely fantastic," The Sun quoted Sharon as saying.

She was particularly thrilled because Adele decided to shed extra weight for herself and not for anyone else, and that is why everyone should be happy for her. Sharon continued with her struggles of weight loss and how it was a challenge to get rid of the fat that made her 100 pounds overweight.

As she praised Adele, Sharon also commented on how she doesn't believe people who say they are happy about their weight. "My body was really, really big but I wasn't happy," the TV personality expressed. 

People were soon sharing how the singer's 100-pound weight loss and journey personally impacted them. And some found it inspiring while others felt betrayed. Adele's personal trainer Pete Geramico eventually weighed in on the conversation in an Instagram post, stating he found the "negative commentary and fat-phobic accusations questioning the genuineness of [Adele's] amazing weight loss" disheartening.

He added that she has always been a genuine person and that her journey was "never about getting super skinny. It was about getting her healthy." He also shared, "My hope is that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve herself for the benefit to her and her family only. She did not lose the weight to make others feel bad about themselves. This personal transformation has nothing to do with me or you. It’s about Adele and how she wants to live her life."

Meanwhile, Sharon's comments have fans all riled up with some even calling her out for making such a "shallow" statement.

"@MrsSOsbourne To say that overweight women don't like people's weight loss is so shallow. That sounds like something Trump would say. We should start talking about men and the way they look. Parents generally do a very poor job of teaching their sons how to look their best," one user posted.

Another shared: "I don't believe Sharon Osbourne is happy." A third user said, "Pull your head in Sharon and just speak for yourself and not others." One viewer shared a rather contradictory thought, said: "From what I have seen of life in over 60 years the happiest people on the planet are always the bigger ones."

"Fat people are mostly funnier and happier than skinnies and it's healthier than those depressed guys with sixpack. Btw Sharon should better look to her daughter before she gives any advice to others. The healthiest thing is to have a normal weight without stress," a user pointed out. 

One viewer stated, "I want to say it doesn’t matter, but when I put on extra stone, my joint and back start aching and feel uncomfortable with waist etc. It will disappear when my weight is back to normal. Healthy weight is important I’m afraid."

Others, however, found her comments on big women being unhappy in their own bodies as fatphobic. "Fat people are mostly funnier and happier than skinnies and it's healthier than those depressed guys with six-pack," adding, "The healthiest thing is to have a normal weight without stress."

One person stated, "Fat shaming others doesn't help Mrs Osbourne!!" while another tweeted, "Sharon Osborne sounds like a gross, messed up person."