When 'LA's Finest' season 2 is out, actor Sophie Reynolds wants her character Isabel to become an activist

Sophie Reynolds plays Isabel McKenna, Nancy's (Jessica Alba) stepdaughter and Patrick's (Ryan McPartlin) daughter in 'LA's Finest'

                            When 'LA's Finest' season 2 is out, actor Sophie Reynolds wants her character Isabel to become an activist

If you’ve been watching Spectrum On Demand's 'LA’s Finest', you already know how much fun it is to watch Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba riff off as LAPD partners Syd and Nancy. While season one is just half done, we cannot help but already wonder what turns and twists happen in season two, and as the show’s star Sophie Reynolds points out, it is a fun show.

The actress, who plays Isabel McKenna, Nancy's stepdaughter, is the breakout star of 'LA's Finest'. Isabel is a young woman who is still mourning the death of her mother, while also trying to accommodate the new woman in her father's life. She is a bold girl who has fighter instincts. "She really sticks to what she believes in and I think I have that in a lot of ways," Reynolds tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) in an exclusive chat.

From the way her character is set up this season, we have high expectations for her in the potential season two. "I could see Isabel becoming kind of an activist. She has a lot of strong opinions and she's passionate about a lot of things, so I could see her fighting for justice,” she tells MEAWW, adding how she does not envision Isabelle as a cop unlike her step-mother, but "who knows?"

Sophie Reynolds plays Isabel McKenna, Nancy's stepdaughter and Patrick's daughter in 'LA's Finest' (Instagram)

"I'm most excited to continue to see how her relationships grow with her parents. I'm hoping I get to develop that more if we do a second season," she says, adding that she is, in fact, pretty optimistic about 'LA's Finest' getting a season two. 

"I'm optimistic!" says Reynolds, adding how it has been such a fun project. However, if Spectrum decides to end 'LA's Finest' with the 13 episodes of season one, she would still be proud of what they have achieved. "I love working with everyone, but either way, we are so proud of the show that we've made," she says.

The first seven episodes of 'LA's Finest' are added to Spectrum On Demand, while two new episodes will be added every Monday till the season finale on June 17.

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