'LA's Finest' star Sophie Reynolds promises 'badass women, comedy, drama and action' in new Spectrum show

'LA's Finest' star Sophie Reynolds promises 'badass women, comedy, drama and action' in new Spectrum show

Spectrum on Demand is redefining what it means to be a cop with their new show 'LA's Finest' starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba.

An offshoot of the ‘Bad Boys’ movie franchise, the series sees Union reprising her role as Syd Burnett, a former DEA agent turned LAPD detective, and her new partner Nancy McKenna, a single, working stepmom, brought to life by Alba.

From action to drama and comedy, the show straddles multiple genres, all the while having two three-dimensional women with real problems and real emotions at the heart of the story.

“It really is so exciting to be a part of such a special project. When we were making the show there was awareness that it was something new and ground-breaking. Every person on set really put everything into this project,” actress Sophie Reynolds who plays Isabel McKenna, Nancy's stepdaughter, on the show, told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW).

Working with two of the biggest names in the industry, and two women at that, Reynolds feels the project was a huge learning experience for her.

"Having Gabrielle and Jessica lead us was so inspiring as a woman in this industry. They were so inclusive and made sure we all felt heard. I learned a lot from watching them work.”

'LA's Finest,' starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, is redefining what cops look like (Spectrum)

She specifically had to work more with Alba, seeing as they play step-mother and step-daughter. As Reynolds puts it, it was “a dream.”

“She’s such a force on and off the screen and really taught me a lot about trusting myself through the process,” she says, adding how building the dynamic between Isabel and Nancy was probably her favorite part of working on the project.

“Isabel’s mother died only a few years ago and she’s trying to build this new relationship with Nancy as her stepmom without feeling like she’s erasing her own mother, so it’s this really beautiful balance that Jess and I had to find together,” says Reynolds.

She added that, off camera, Alba pushed her to speak up for herself and find the power in her voice.

Reynolds, who identifies with her character’s fighter attitude, loves how Isabelle sticks to what she believes in and ponders how she has that in common with her. “We are pretty different people, but I think that’s our biggest similarity,” says the actress, elaborating on how cool it has been to play her and watch the audience respond to her.

“The first few episodes are pretty big for Izzy, I even shave my head on camera, so it’s been cool to watch the fan reaction to all of that unfolding. I can’t say much about what hasn’t already been revealed but I think I’m most excited for people to see more of Izzy’s heart. She has this really tough exterior, but we slowly get to see her softer side as the show goes on so I’m excited for people to get to see that,” she promises.

Sophie Reynolds as Isabel McKenna and Ryan McPartlin as Patrick McKenna Photographer: Nicole Wilder (Spectrum)

If that does not push you to watch the show, Reynolds also teases the perfect combination of things not many can refuse.

“Comedy, drama, action, and badass women, what’s not to like? But really, the show unfolds in such an interesting way and every episode reveals something new and interesting about these characters and hooks you more than the last,” she says, adding, “I think people are going to love it.”

We definitely agree, and we strongly suggest that you check out all episodes of ‘LA’s Finest’ on Spectrum On Demand.

New episodes are added every Monday.

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