Where is Larry Millete? Husband of missing California mom plotted to 'kill her boyfriend'

Larry Millete, the husband of Maya Millete who went missing from Chula Vista in January 2021, has now been declared a 'person of interest' in the investigation

                            Where is Larry Millete? Husband of missing California mom plotted to 'kill her boyfriend'
Larry Millete (R) with Maya Millete and their children (Facebook/Help Find Maya)

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA: Larry Millete, the husband of Maya Millete who went missing from Chula Vista in January 2021, has now been declared a 'person of interest' in the investigation. While he has not been named a suspect, newly unsealed police document shows him to be under probe. The 39-year-old mother of three, who also goes by the name 'May', disappeared days before meeting her divorce lawyer. Her family had previously blamed Millete for her disappearance, alleging that she had told them, "If anything happens to me, it's Larry."

An anonymous source had previously claimed that Larry Millete allegedly offered a hitman $20,000 to kill the man he suspected Maya of having an affair with. The source said he was talking about it in January - days before Maya went missing, and that he seemed "pretty serious" about it. Maya's family backed up the anonymous source's claim that Larry suspected her of having an extra-marital affair. One unnamed relative also added that Larry had said "I want to do something to that fool" about the alleged boyfriend. 


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Maya went missing from her home in Chula Vista, leaving behind her car, cellphone, and wallet. Post her disappearance, police searched the Millete family home and found a stash of firearms — including 16 guns, two illegal assault weapons, three pump shotguns, a rifle, and five handguns. A series of recently unredacted police documents revealed a gun violence restraining order (GVRO), which prohibited Larry from possession or purchase of guns. Furthermore, it was found that the three children in the house "had the combination and access to the safe where the firearms were stored.”

According to the investigator's report, Millete posed a threat to flee the state or country, which is why the documents were sealed in the first place.  "There are concerns that upon learning of the GVRO, respondent may flee the state or country with this three young minor children or respondent will likely shoot it out with police due to photographs showing several unregistered and/or illegal assault rifles with numerous ammunitions on the table in Respondent’s house," the report states.

In an 80-page court filing in June, Millete insisted, "I am not responsible for her disappearance and I have fully cooperated with the police investigation." However, it is believed that he initially joined the search parties and vigils for Maya, but stopped attending soon after. Maya's sister Maricris Drouaillet and her husband have searched for her across San Diego County almost every weekend since her disappearance. But Millete did not appear to have attended any of the searches.

Speaking about the unveiling of previously classified police documents, Millete issued an elaborate statement to FOX5, saying, "I pose no threat. I am a law abiding American citizen who believe(s) in our 2nd amendment rights. My rights have been violated numerous times. The photo was from 2020 when I was taking inventory as most people do. The photos were taken from my laptop not my phone during the first search, illegally seized when they did not have a warrant for my electronic devices. My children are always safe, happy and healthy despite the situation. I am finding out how questionable the justice system can be and how it can easily be manipulated by authorities in order to violate your rights. GVRO created as a witch-hunt towards gun owners to disarm anyone even by hearsay by anyone who may not like you. Warrant less warrants created to violate our 4th amendment rights which enable authorities to invade your privacy and ransack our homes. Absolutely disappointing that this happens in our country. Despite all I have endured I still believe we live in the best country on earth. Very respectfully, Larry Millete."


"Also none of my firearms are unregistered or illegal. All registered and serialized. I recently found out that they are able to hold vehicles indefinitely. They have taken all our electronics affecting my children’s education. They have taken my firearms, thousand of rounds of ammunition and gun parts without providing me with a detailed inventory on all the searches. The lists were all hand written and vague. They basically want me disarmed with no way of defending myself or my family. Again a basic American right."

Meanwhile, a child custody meeting has been scheduled for August 3, 2021, as Maya's parents or her family have been unable to see her kids for several months.