What happened to Maya 'May' Millete? Husband of missing woman stops co-operating in investigation probe

Reports suggest that her husband has retained an attorney and is no longer answering police questions

                            What happened to Maya 'May' Millete? Husband of missing woman stops co-operating in investigation probe
According to close sources, Larry Millete and Maya 'May Millete' were seen fighting during a camping trip, days before her disappearance (10news.com)

As the search probe for a missing Chula Vista woman continues, her husband has now stopped cooperating in the investigation into her disappearance, authorities said.

Maya 'May' Millete, a 39-year-old wife and mother of three, was reported missing after being last seen on January 8, 2021, on her daughter's birthday, prompting a number of searches, including the trails of Mount San Miguel Park near her home in Chula Vista. Police previously said her husband, Larry Millete, was cooperating with their investigation.


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Now reports suggest that her husband has retained an attorney and is no longer answering police questions.

Maya 'May' Millete has been missing since January 8 (GoFundMe)

Few concrete details have emerged over the weeks Millete has been missing. Her family members reported that she may have gone hiking in the canyon behind the family’s home, but search efforts have been unsuccessful. Police served a search warrant at the family’s home on January 23, 2021, in an effort “to obtain any evidence and clues to her current whereabouts,” noting in a release that the Millete family had been cooperative during the investigation. Authorities said Larry turned over his cellphone early on in the search and that there had been no calls to their home before his wife’s disappearance. He has allegedly not visited any of the community-led searches or vigils for his missing wife. He has been staying home with the family’s children — and has asked for privacy.


Daily Mail reported that Millete has been arguing with her husband during a family camping trip in the desert just days before her disappearance, according to the woman's sister and brother-in-law. Maricris Drouaillet and her husband, Richard, said that Larry and Maya 'May' Millete had been arguing over a Jeep Wrangler that they had brought with them on a family camping trip to the Glamis Sand Dunes in California over the New Year holiday, the outlet reported.

"For a year or two, it has been kind of rocky relationship," she said of her sister's marriage with Larry. "They even tried marriage counseling. When we do have a get together they would be there arguing... and then another time, they would be close again. Like oh ok, they worked it out. So it had been like that for the last year."

Richard added: "They argued a lot and it was a little bit uncomfortable. It was weird because Larry was acting different. He wasn't acting like Larry. He was acting different... They were done. The relationship was done. You could just tell."

Maya 'May' Millete  is a mother of three (GoFundMe)

Richard describes Larry as someone who was "always quiet" on the trips, typically staying near the camp or with his car "in his own business."

"He was always quiet but on this last trip, he was having a lot of fun but with her vehicle. During the day, he wasn't really at the camp. He was always driving around and then he would come and ask her a question and then they would argue. Not argue in front of the family but you could tell that there was no communication between them. No positive communication between them."

Both Richard and Miracris noted that Larry had been having a lot of fun with the Jeep Wrangler, which had been purchased by his wife. "He was having more fun than my sister considering it was my sister's Jeep," Miracris said. "He wanted to take the Jeep and he wanted to drive it and my sister wanted to drive it. So they had been arguing about that."

Richard added: "You would think that they would have ridden together but that never happened. The relationship was done. She wanted to get out of the relationship. She was having a good time but I know that in the back of her mind she just wanted her Jeep. She was becoming a different person and starting a new chapter."

Maya 'May' Millete has dedicated over 10 years of service as a civil servant in the Acquisition career field (GoFundMe)

Since hiring a lawyer, Larry has only let Maricris and members of her family see the three children once, this past Monday. "Larry has not been, again, responding to our text messages or answering our phone calls," Maricris said. "So we got worried... Me and my sister-in-law went to go check on the kids Monday and to make sure that they were ok and that was a lot."

And while they shared that Larry's family haven't assisted them much for May's search, they don't have ill feelings towards them. "I don't want to cut ties with them," she said. "I don't want to burn bridges. They are still family." 

The family has launched a GoFundMe to help raise money for the search. It has raised $4,295 of $30,000 goal. The page narrates that Maya started her civil service career in 2011 at NAVSEA, Southwest Regional Maintenance Command (SWRMC). She has dedicated over 10 years of service as a civil servant in the Acquisition career field, where she ensured the nation's freedom through the timely availability of our nation's fleet.

She then further excelled in becoming a Division Director where she mentored, influenced, and lead 25+ civil servants all while maintaining her personal life. In June 2020, Maya left NAVSEA to pursue larger acquisitions and joined NAVWAR, at the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC) command, where she is currently working.

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