Maya 'May' Millete: California missing mom-of-three, 39, had appointment with divorce lawyer the day she vanished

The Chula Vista woman had made an appointment with a divorce lawyer for the day she disappeared but she never made it

                            Maya 'May' Millete: California missing mom-of-three, 39, had appointment with divorce lawyer the day she vanished
Maya 'May' Millete has been missing since January 8 (GoFundMe)

Maya 'May' Millete, a 39-year-old woman who was reported missing after being last seen in January, on her daughter's birthday, had reportedly made an appointment with a divorce lawyer on the day she disappeared, according to reports. The Chula Vista woman's 21-year-old husband, Larry Millete, reported her missing three days later. 

Investigators launched searches for Maya Millete, including around the trails of Mount San Miguel Park near her home in Chula Vista after detectives noted that her car was still parked outside her San Diego home at the time. Reports suggested that Larry was initially cooperating with the investigation, but later retained an attorney and was no longer answering police questions.


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When Maya was reported missing, her family members suggested that she may have gone hiking in the canyon behind the family's home, but search efforts have been unsuccessful. Police served a search warrant at the family's home on January 23, 2021. According to reports, Larry turned off his cellphone early on in the search and there had been no calls to their home before his wife's disappearance. He had allegedly not visited any of the community-led searches or vigils for his missing wife and had been staying at home with their children asking for privacy.

Maya and Larry Millete with their children (GoFundMe)


Now, Maricris Drouaillet, Maya's sister, revealed that she had booked an appointment with a lawyer with the intention of commencing divorce proceedings. Drouaillet told Fox5 that Maya had asked her for $10,000 that same week. She said, "The date, the scheduled date to meet with the divorce lawyer, that was done Thursday afternoon. According to the divorce lawyer, she wanted to have the birthday celebration first, her daughter’s birthday celebration was on Sunday, so she wanted to wait.”

The appointment with the divorce attorney was the following week, but Maya never made it. Fox5 contacted Maya's husband Larry for comment, but he declined via text message. 

Drouaillet and her husband, Richard Drouaillet reached out to semi-retired capital defense attorney and defense investigator Billy Little with the Cold Case Foundation two days after Maya's disappearance. Little told Fox5 that he had substantial information about the case and turned it over to the Chula Vista Police Department. He also said that the department turned down his help.

Meanwhile, the Drouaillets are concerned that the Chula Vista Police Department is not doing enough to find Maya and move her case forward. The department declined Fox5's request for an interview but said that investigators are still working on the case.

The Drouaillets had also told Daily Mail in February that the Milletes had been having marriage problems prior to her disappearance. Maya's sister, Maricris told The Daily Mail, "For a year or two, it has been kind of rocky relationship. They even tried marriage counseling. When we do have a get-together they would be there arguing... and then another time, they would be close again. Like oh ok, they worked it out. So it had been like that for the last year."

Maya 'May' Millete has dedicated over 10 years of service as a civil servant in the Acquisition career field  (GoFundMe)


Richard added, "They argued a lot and it was a little bit uncomfortable. It was weird because Larry was acting different. He wasn't acting like Larry. He was acting different... They were done. The relationship was done. You could just tell."

Just days before Maya's disappearance, she and Larry had an argument over a Jeep Wrangler that they had brought with them on a family camping trip to the Glamis Sand Dunes in California over the New Year holiday, according to the Drouaillets.

Both Richard and Miracris noted that Larry had been having a lot of fun with the Jeep Wrangler, which had been purchased by his wife. "He was having more fun than my sister considering it was my sister's Jeep," Miracris said. "He wanted to take the Jeep and he wanted to drive it and my sister wanted to drive it. So they had been arguing about that."

Richard added: "You would think that they would have ridden together but that never happened. The relationship was done. She wanted to get out of the relationship. She was having a good time but I know that in the back of her mind she just wanted her Jeep. She was becoming a different person and starting a new chapter."