Who is Lindy Kidd? LA woman missing for a month after attending spiritual conference in Ohio

Who is Lindy Kidd? LA woman missing for a month after attending spiritual conference in Ohio
Lindy "Indy" Kidd was last seen on April 23, 2021 (Licking County Sheriff's Office)

A desperate search is on to locate a 39-year-old Los Angeles woman who went to Ohio for a 'spiritual welfare' conference last month in April but never returned home. Lindy Kidd was last seen on April 23, 2021, when her fiance booked a Lyft for her. Their conversation apparently ended normally, but he has not heard from her since. 

Kidd was in Ohio attending the 'Expelling the Darkness Training' at the House of New Hope in St Louisville, according to a Facebook post by the Licking County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio. Friends and family are desperately trying to locate the missing woman as she has multiple health issues as well. 


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Who is Lindy Kidd? 

39-year-old Kidd, who goes by the nickname 'Indy,' and was last seen on Friday, April 23, 2021. The venue for the conference she was attending was on Mount Vernon Road in St Louisville. The last person she spoke to before she went missing was her fiance Paulo Reyes.

As per the latest report, Reyes and Kidd met in 2012 in Eugene, California, where he was operating a café and she was working as an artist. He allowed her to display her art at the café and the two were friends before getting engaged and moving to Los Angeles.

Kidd is described in a missing person’s flyer on the sheriff’s office page as 5’1” inches tall, weighs about 120 lbs, with short auburn hair and blue eyes with several tattoos including a large “cherry blossom” on her back and down her arm.

Reyes reportedly said that Indy (Kidd) left their LA home in April to attend the conference. They were in constant contact with each other the whole time that she was away. He reportedly said that the last time he spoke to her was on April 23, when he booked a Lyft for her so that she could travel from the DoubleTree hotel in Newark, Ohio (where she was staying) to the conference venue on the night she disappeared.

Apparently, Kidd made it to this particular event because, according to reports, she purchased admission to the conference that day with her debit card. Since then, her card has not been used. Reyes reportedly said that it was unusual that her card has not been used for this long.

Multiple medical conditions

"We're just really worried about her," Reyes reportedly said. "We want to make sure she’s OK. I love her and want her to come home to her family." What makes matters worse is that Kidd has multiple medical conditions that require her to take anti-seizure medication daily.

Her health was why Kidd went to the conference in the first place. She had looked for online support groups and eventually found it. According to their website, the 'Expelling the Darkness Training' conference in Ohio is a "spiritual warfare & ritual abuse training" conference. According to Reyes, his fiancé particularly wanted to see the conference presentations associated with the Youtube channel 'Through the Black.'

“She needs her medication,” Reyes said. “I’m just afraid of what has happened to her without it.” Anyone with information about Kidd’s disappearance is urged to call 740-670-5560.

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