Rappers shred PnB Rock's girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang after Insta post may have led to killing

Rappers shred PnB Rock's girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang after Insta post may have led to killing
Rappers including Nicki Minaj and Kodak Black are blaming PnB Rock's girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang for his death (Photo by @pnbrock/Instagram & @NICKIMINAJ/Twitter & @kodakblack/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Young talented rapper PnB Rock's killing has highlighted security concerns in the music world and how posting live pictures on social media can turn fatal. Following the death of the ‘Selfish’ hitmaker on Monday, September 12, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said an Instagram post from his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang may have triggered the whole incident.

She had geo-tagged an Instagram story of their lunch at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles, which was criticized by many celebs, including Nicki Minaj and Kodak Black. LAPD Chief Michel Moore in a statement said the attack came ‘soon’ after Sibounheuang posted the couple’s food at Roscoe’s.


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“With his family—with his girlfriend or some kind of friend of his—and as they’re there, enjoying a simple meal, he’s brutally attacked by an individual who apparently [came] to the location after a social media posting,” Moore said. PnB Rock’s assailant ran into the chicken joint and demanded he give him jewelry and ‘other valuables,’ the officer said, “Before pulling the trigger. The gunman then fled in a getaway car.”


Fans went into a frenzy on social media and posted hateful comments. Florida rapper Kodak Black in his Instagram story expressed his rage over PnB Rock's girlfriend, saying " that h** might as well kill herself.” Sharing disgust over Sibounheuang's story, rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted, “There’s no way we as rappers or our loved ones are still posting locations to our whereabouts. To show waffles & some fried chicken?” 

Just weeks before his murder, PnB Rock had expressed concern over violence against musicians in LA while on podcast ‘Off the Record with DJ Akademiks'. “Where I’m from, we like sneaky criminals,” PnB Rock said. “In LA. … they bold.”

“That’s why I feel like LA’s spooky, man,” the podcast host, responded to PnB Rock. “It’s just so bold. I’m seeing mad videos like they don’t even do it at night. Like night maybe, but broad daylight, that’s when they do it.”

PnB Rock also mentioned that the killing of his brother had made him guard up. “It’s just been something in me that just let me know, like this shit is real life,” PnB Rock said. “I done seen people die. I done been around people that died…. Anybody can die.”

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