'La Brea' Fan Review: Fans discuss what they would do if they could 'go back to 1988'

With Isiah having to go to 1988 in order to grow up to be Gavin, fans ponder would they would do if they found themselves in the same situation

                            'La Brea' Fan Review: Fans discuss what they would do if they could 'go back to 1988'
Natalie Zea as Eve Harris, Diesel La Torraca as Isiah in 'La Brea' (Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

'La Brea' certainly has it in the bag when it comes to plots and turns, although they don't always seem to make sense. In a bizarre 'Back to the Future' esque twist, Eve has to send Isiah to 1988, so that he can grow up as Gavin, her husband and the father of her children. With Episodes 7 and 8 setting up for these odd turn of events, Episode 9 delves deep as the plot thickens.

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With Episode 9 revealing just how important it is for Isiah to go through the portal to live his life out as Gavin, it is up to Eve to ensure that he does so. If not, Josh and Izzy will cease to exist, as Gavin and Eve would have never met otherwise. Aldridge also shares a page from Silas' book with Lilly and asks her to go through the portal with Isiah. She has to do this, live her life out as Ella and later, reveal to Gavin in the present day that the next portal will open up in Seattle. With this information in hand, Gavin might have another shot at saving his family. However, Silas's threat still looms overhead, and there is no telling what will happen if an adult Gavin goes through the portal. The storyline isn't apparent at the moment, riddled with space-time continuums, time paradoxes and no real answers. And fans seem to have caught on.

"#LaBrea is soo, bad! Is this the best #NBC can do?" tweeted a fan. "La Brea makes no sense. I truly don't know why I'm watching it" added another. "Time is a circle" well right now time looks like a pretzel and y'all need Jonas and Martha to help you out of your collective misery. #LaBrea #Dark" joked a fan. "This show Labrea doesn't makes sense but makes a little sense at the same time lol" added a fan. 









While some fans complained, others contemplated what they would do if allowed to go back to 1988, as is presented to some survivors. "I'd go back to '88. But then wouldn't that cause a time paradox? #LaBrea" tweeted a fan. "Go back to 1988. Buy Walmart, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon stock. #LaBrea" noted another. "I'd go back to 1988 and invent the Internet. #labrea #LaBreaNBC" tweeted a fan. "the way i'd take that opportunity and go to 1988 and invent Apple and flat screen tvs #LaBrea" said another. 









What would you do if given a chance to go back to 1988? Would you take it or stay stuck in a strange land? Sound off below and tell us what you think about 'La Brea' Season 1. Catch 'La Brea' Season 1 on Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.