'La Brea' Episode 8: A shocking arrival leads to the truth about Gavin's past

'La Brea' Episode 8: A shocking arrival leads to the truth about Gavin's past
Chiké Okonkwo as Ty Coleman, Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi Delgado, Natalie Zea as Eve Harris, Diesel La Torraca as Isiah, Tonantzin Carmelo as Paara in 'La Brea' (Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

With Episode 7 of 'La Brea' raising plenty of questions about Gavin's past, it seems as though that he and the woman named Ella are both connected to the world from the other side. However, that's where Episode 8 reveals just how deep their connection truly is.

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Gavin manages to track down Ella with the help of Dr Nathan and even comes clean to Izzy about the fact that his rescue mission to save Eve and Josh is still ongoing. With his visions of the other world getting clearly by the moment, Gavin's attention is on Eve and Levi relationship, as he grows uneasy over the fact that they are close. Back in the other world, the camp realises that they need a better way to harvest food and protect themselves, seeing that the storm ruined their supplies. They suddenly notice that they are being spied on, and in fear of what happened to Eddie, they track down the infiltrator, who happens to be the young child who helped them back in the settlement. The child introduces himself as Isiah, and Eve and Ty see him as the perfect opportunity to make peace with the settlement.

They both argue that the people can help them build shelter and harvest food, while Levi and Dr Sam seem unsure. Levi, Eve and Ty, with Isiah in tow, set out on a diplomatic mission of sorts, where they get captured and are taken to the settlement. However, they explain the situation to Paara, who seems respected, like a village chief of sorts. She offers to help them with what they need and even tells Eve why her people are apprehensive.

Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi Delgado, Tonantzin Carmelo as Paara, Natalie Zea as Eve Harris in 'La Brea' (Sarah Enticknap/NBC)



Turns out, 60 years ago, a sinkhole opened in the sea, and a ship fell through. When the passengers made it to the other side, they were far from peaceful, leading to conflict until they eventually resolved. Eve and Ty are quick to trust these people, but Levi is still on edge, seeing that they found the body of the Mohave mission scientist in the settlement and Silas, one of the men were seen at the scene of Eddie's death. Levi snoops around and finds Eddie's wallet, causing the adults to fight again. However, they are informed that Isiah was suddenly abducted, causing them to put their differences aside in the hope of finding him.

Silas is the first to find him -- and the woman seen dragging him away is none other than Dr Rebecca Aldridge. Silas calls her out by name, implying that they know each other and even threatens to injure her if she doesn't leave Isiah. It is too late before Eve and Levi arrive at the scene -- they find Rebecca bleeding and Isiah and Silas missing. Levi recognises Rebecca from the Mohave mission but is confused as she was not one of the nine who fell through the whole. Paara is able to nurse her back to health, during which she demands to see Eve and explains to her that Silas is not who he claims to be.

Moreover, Isiah is key to everything. Eve is confused, to which Rebecca explains that Isiah is Gavin. Back in the modern-day, Ella's home triggers familiar memories in Gavin's mind until he finds an old sinkhole right outside. And suddenly, it dawns upon him that he is actually from the other world himself. 


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