Kris Wu reportedly tried on charges of rape, Western media confident he'll be found guilty

Kris Wu reportedly tried on charges of rape, Western media confident he'll be found guilty
Hong Kong media reported that Kris Wu is in police custody and a secret trial is underway in Beijing, China (@kriswu/Instagram)

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains information about rape and sexual assault that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

With China being known for its 99.9 per cent conviction rate, things are looking bleak for former K-pop idol and EXO member Kris Wu. The Chinese-Canadian artist was first embroiled in a scandal in mid-2021 after Du Meizhu, an alleged ex-girlfriend claimed that he had raped her and 30 other girls, out of which some were minors. An LA teen had corroborated the story that like Meizhu, she had been invited to a party under the guise that Kris Wu would further her career before getting her drunk and assaulting her.

But some fans have taken to trusting Kris Wu as his first and only statement was that he had not committed rape or any of the other crimes that Du Meizhu had accused him of and if he had, he would turn himself to the police. He has since been arrested by the Beijing police on suspicion of rape and was last reported to be in their custody. Some fans still stuck to the "innocent until proven guilty" motto as two friends of Du Meizhu later took to their social media to claim that she had lied, and said that Kris Wu had never raped her and that she did not have any evidence or know any other victim.


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Kris Wu rape allegations: Former K-pop idol arrested in China amid Du Meizhu's claims


Kris Wu’s trial begins

Well, whether the two friends’ sudden claims help his case or not, there have now been reports that Kris Wu’s trial has already begun as he is being tried on charges of rape and will most likely be found guilty. Western media like Variety have revealed that reports have come in from Hong Kong that a secret trial was held in Beijing and that he might be sentenced to jail for three to 10 years. The Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court has reportedly said that the trial would not be public to protect the victim’s privacy.

In a new clip, Du Meizhu was heard saying that Kris Wu did not sleep with any minors (@kriswu/Instagram, and Du Meizhu/Douyin)

Du Meizhu, an influencer, had accused Kris Wu of raping her when she was 17 and had blacked out after he had forced her to get drunk at his party. She had shared that she was in awe that he was a celebrity and so had gone on to date him before realizing that he was cheating on her and sexually assaulting other women, including two minors in a similar way. According to Variety, the charges include rape and ‘group licentiousness’ which is for sex involving three or more people over the age of 16. This particular charge can get Kris Wu up to five years of imprisonment alone.

With the age of consent being 14 in China, Kris Wu will most likely not be charged with raping a minor that has a sentence of death or life imprisonment. But the Western media share that despite no formal verdict being announced yet, “there can be little doubt about the outcome” as Chinese courts have a 99.9% conviction rate. The court has revealed that sentencing will be announced later and that Kris Wu could also be deported since he has Canadian nationality. 

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