Ex-EXO star Kris Wu denies alleged ex Du Meizhu's claims that he sexually assaulted 30 girls

19-year-old Du Meizhu claims that she is an ex-girlfriend of former EXO star Kris Wu and alleges that he sexually assaulted underage girls

                            Ex-EXO star Kris Wu denies alleged ex Du Meizhu's claims that he sexually assaulted 30 girls
Kris Wu denied sexual assault allegations (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Kris Wu is a Chinese-Canadian artist who started his career in the music industry as a member of the K-pop group EXO. He left the group two years later and based himself in China. However, he has recently got himself into a controversy because of Du Meizhu. The 19-year-old girl alleged that Wu had raped her and 30 other girls including some minors.

Meizhu revealed on July 8 that she was an ex of the C-pop idol and that she had depression and anxiety due to his behavior towards her and him cheating on her by targeting minor girls. Wu’s legal team announced that they would be taking action against Meizhu for false claims. But she has been undeterred as she filed a police report and says that she has evidence.


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Meizhu claims Kris Wu sexually assaulted her

Meizhu gave Wangyi an exclusive interview where she claimed that she met Kris Wu when she was 18. She was reportedly told at a party that the former EXO member could help her with her acting career and when she met him thinking that it would be some sort of meeting, he got her drunk. She blacked out and woke up in his bed the next day. When she tried to leave, his agent threatened her career. She claims that she was scared, so when Wu was under the impression that they were now dating, she went with the flow.

Meizhu also stated that Wu never took protection and targeted young girls for fun. She also alleged that her phone was taken away when she first met him. However, she continued to be in a relationship with him because it felt like he was sincere with her as he said he would take care of her. But he would only contact her when he was in Beijing and even then they would just spend time at home. It all changed in March 2021 when he stopped contacting her. 

Meizhu says that she currently has two underaged victims who have evidence against him and that she will reveal them if Wu doesn’t address the situation where he retires and apologizes to the victims. She released her chat messages which were allegedly exchanged with Wu’s staff where they were ready to pay her $1.2M in order to take back her accusations. She also shared a proof in which she claimed that she had received money from Kris Wu.

Meizhu also stated that the settlement agreement she was required to sign in exchange for the money was a trap. The legal team had added phrases that if she did sign the statement it would mean that she was the one in the wrong. She would have to delete all of her posts and claim that everything she said was unverified. With Meizhu releasing her statements with reported proof, brands have started dropping Kris Wu. KANS, a skincare brand, terminated their contract with him. Other brands such as Lancome and Kiehl have hidden his face from their brand promotions. Louis Vuitton, however, faced the wrath of netizens as Kris Wu is their brand ambassador and they are yet to take any action.

But fans are torn since Kris Wu addressed the situation on July 19. His studio denied all of Meizhu’s claims and said that they were reporting her to the police. Kris Wu also went on Weibo to deny the accusations. He wrote, "I've reached a state where I couldn't stand anymore due to people spreading rumors. I met her once last December 5th at a party with my friends but I've never offered her drinks or asked her number. There were many people (at the party)." He continued, "I have never done things like luring someone and committing rape. The same applies to underage girls. If I've done anything like this, I'll turn myself in jail. I will legally take accountability for my words here."

Following this, another girl came forward. Actress Lin Xiya, who is a rumored ex of Kris Wu and had supposedly dated him in 2014, posted a cryptic message on her social media. She posted a message on July 19 which said, “Seven years, justice? Bring it on.” Netizens believe that due to the suspicious timing, it is meant for Kris Wu.

Another girl released an alleged conversation with Kris Wu which doesn’t do any favors for him. Ex-SNH48 idol Zhang Dansan said that she had a chat with Kris Wu where he asked her personal questions. She released screenshots of the chat which she claims to be with Kris Wu. In the chat, it looks like he is asking if she has had a physical relationship before.

Fans are torn

In light of the new information, there have been mixed reactions from fans. Many decided to go with the ‘better to believe a liar than a rapist’ mindset, while others choose to believe that Kris Wu is innocent until proven guilty.

One user tweeted, “IF YOU EVER SAW ME SUPPORT KRIS WU MUSIC THAT WAS MY EVIL TWIN SISTER NOT ME.” Another tweeted, “Sucks to say that kris wu brought me to kpop and he was my very first bias but y’all fans need to stop clearing searches for him. let the truth come out. this is a serious issue and if you truly care for the victims, you would help bring light into this. be a human first.”

Someone tweeted, “Been supporting Kris for around 7 years and until this is proven true I will not believe it, many antis have been spilling fake news to tarnish idols reputations so I will wait and not judge.” Another tweeted, “Nothing has been proven yet and you are judging it? Why do you decide so easily on someone's life? Kris finally proves his innocence and then none of you have the right to support him anymore. A good fan never judges his idol.”





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