'Killing Eve' spoilers for season 2 episode 3 reveal Villanelle is unnaturally calm about the new killer

'Killing Eve' spoilers for season 2 episode 3 reveal Villanelle is unnaturally calm about the new killer

The upcoming third episode of 'Killing Eve' season 2 reveals some striking reunions and other not so favorable ones. There's jealousy, there's surprise, and most importantly, there are people starting to question the titular MI6 agent Eve Polastri's strange obsession with her target, Villanelle, so all you can really say is, well - it's about time.

In a promo trailer released by BBC America, we see Villanelle (Jodie Comer) being informed of what might become the biggest hindrance in her plan to pursue Eve. There's a new killer in town, as was established in the last aired episode 2 and to top it all, the new killer is a woman too. When Eve finds out about it, she claims it will drive Villanelle crazy, and even though the trailer has Villanelle being informed about the "new girl," surprisingly enough, she takes it quite casually. Instead of freaking out as she did in the previous episode, hurling swears at Eve, Villanelle - all calm and cool - asks "Are you trying to make me jealous?"


But that's not the only surprise in the upcoming episode as our MI6 agent Eve decides to go all good wife on her husband, Niko Polastri (Owen McDonnell), by making breakfast for him, to which he quips, "Did you murder someone?" Sure, Niko responded with what he thought was a hilarious comeback, but considering Eve's ongoing dilemma about whether she has really killed Villanelle or not, it hits her harder than a joke is supposed to.

Back at Eve's workplace, there's a new coworker on their team, Hugo, who just can't stop himself from going too far with his theories when it comes to Eve. In the previous episode, he asked her if she was having an affair with Kenny, her boss Carolyn Martens' (Fiona Shaw) son, and this time, as he learns about the new lady killer in town and about Villanelle too, he decides to come up with the theory that maybe the two assassins are working together, "girl on girl." Thankfully, Eve shuts him up later saying "Everything isn't all about sex, you know?" But Hugo is Hugo, so, of course he responds with "Isn't it?"



In other spheres, we have Villanelle checking into a hotel as a random Miss Thompson, and Eve coming face to face with Konstantin - Villanelle's handler. Carolyn, on the other hand, tells Eve she too has "hobbies," so that's something to look forward to when the episode comes out. And considering Carolyn's moisturizer is made from pigs' placenta, this hobby is not going to be something like painting. But her son, Kenny, is not all that pleased with Eve for some reason and at the end of the trailer, he tells her he thought she was different. 

What could Eve possibly have done to earn that remark? What are Carolyn's questionable hobbies? And why, more importantly, where, is Villanelle checking in as Miss Thompson? Find out when 'Killing Eve' returns with episode 3 Sunday, April 21, only on BBC America.

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