Killing Eve's Sandra Oh explains the love story and crazy obsession between Villanelle and Eve

Killing Eve's Sandra Oh explains the love story and crazy obsession between Villanelle and Eve

'Killing Eve' might be a classic spy thriller with a fumbling agent trying to track down a meticulous serial assassin, but there's a lot more going on alongside the chase and run. The reason the BBC America show was able to garner the critical acclaim and popularity it did with its debut season that came out last year, is because this is not your regular spy thriller.

This is a show about unconventional women characters, in roles that have been traditionally associated with male characters, and the icing on the cake happens to be the unexplained obsession that the two lead women have for each other. In a way, 'Killing Eve' is a spy thriller with an equally intense love story, even though it directly never claimed to be one.

Focusing on the journey of detective Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and her target, the murderous psychopath Villanelle (Jodie Comer), the upcoming second season of the show continues with the cat-and-mouse chase between the lead character, the way season 1 showed. But while the two are resuming their pursuit for each other, both of them also struggle in keeping their sanity intact - in some way similar to lovers separated by circumstances.


While the married detective Eve is careful not to step out of the boundaries crucial to her marriage, there's no denying that she is just as attracted to Villanelle, or interested in her, as Villanelle likes to think. And even though Eve might be blissfully in denial, or choose not to see her latent feelings, in season 2, she does admit that she's losing her mind.

Eve's thrill as she announces she might have killed Villanelle (following the final scenes of season 1) followed by her absolutely confused state as she tries to register that she has just hurt Villanelle is a brilliant example of how torn she is over this task. She has to kill the villain but she also wants to keep the villain all to herself, whether she admits it or not.

Even when her boss, Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) asks her why she and Villanelle are so interested in each other, her simple answer is that Villanelle's flamboyant and impulsive nature is what draws her to the killer. Which makes sense because Eve as a person is the exact opposite of that, so maybe opposites do attract after all.


Oh seems to think along those same lines, as she shared in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), at the premiere event of season 2. "I would absolutely say that 'Killing Eve' is a love story," began Oh, before quickly adding, "but having said that, it's not necessarily a love story towards each other. I feel like it's a love story for themselves, but in a way that they don't even know. Somehow they provide for each other and it's up to each of them to discover it on their own."

So, it all boils down to the lack of common ground that these two polar opposites have, which makes them so interesting to each other. Villanelle is implied to have suffered abuse as a child; her upbringing is still obscure, but we know she has been hired by a shadowy organization called 'The Twelve,' and despite her profession, all she truly enjoys is a normal life and an apartment full of couture.

The idea of living a life that is fancy and secretive while executing murders articulately on the side is something Eve cannot even comprehend because of what a simple-minded woman she is. The poor lady is having a hard time even registering the sexual tension between her and Villanelle, let alone think about settling down with the serial assassin. 


"I don't think they have much in common, at all. Maybe they do, I'm not exactly sure," Oh explained, distinguishing between her and Comer's characters. Still, she insists: "What draws them together is just something that each of them have, that the other really, really needs. And I know for me as Eve, Villanelle just has this particularly just not giving a sh*t about anything aura. And there's something about that, that every woman and every person is fascinated with. I'm not gonna think about anyone else except for me and what I want. Even if it's about a person in my way that I just have to get rid of."

Considering that, it's quite understandable why Villanelle is so drawn to Eve. She is obsessed with her, no doubt, but in season 2, she explains her insane need for Eve saying, "Sometimes when you love someone, you do crazy things."

And the crazy thing here is how a fashion icon who moonlights as a serial killer, could ever be obsessed about someone as fashionably-challenged and plain as Eve. So, maybe that is the charm of their attraction; while Eve is drawn to Villanelle's impulse and extravagance, Villanelle cannot resist the simplicity that comes with Eve. And that is the unconventional love they share.

'Killing Eve' season 2 releases this Sunday, April 7, only on BBC America.

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