'Killing Eve's Season 2 episode 2 gifts us with a new serial killer and a very frustrated Villanelle

'Killing Eve's Season 2 episode 2 gifts us with a new serial killer and a very frustrated Villanelle

This article contains spoilers for 'Killing Eve' season 2, episode 2, 'Nice and Neat'

One of the burning questions that we still need answers for when it comes to 'Killing Eve', is the identity of Nadia. Who is she and what's her purpose in season 2? The second episode of this season is set to air on April 14 and quite fortunately it offers us the exact bit of sneak peek we needed to know how the arrival of a second serial killer might affect the dynamics between our existing serial assassin, Villanelle, and the titular MI6 agent Eve Polastri, whom she has grown so obsessed with. Above all, what the episode does, is also establish whether the arrival of a new killer in town should leave Villanelle worried.

What is particularly refreshing about the entire concept of the BBC America show is how effortlessly these badass women slip into the shoes of stereotypically male characters and manage to leave us beyond wowed and wooed every single time. It's true, 'Killing Eve' is a spy thriller about women, by a woman, but as applaudable writer Emerald Fennell's work is in season 2, Sandra Oh as Eve, and Jodie Comer as Villanelle, complete the holy trinity of wonder women constantly striving to make the show exceed our already high expectations from it, after season 1.



The icing on the cake was Fiona Shaw's exuberant Carolyn Martens — Eve's boss — who is often equal parts mysterious and duplicitous, but now, there's a cherry on top too, and that happens to be yet another woman serial killer. In an age where suspense and thriller are skyrocketing when it comes to the screen, 'Killing Eve' arrives as a fresh ray of hope with women playing roles that we haven't seen them play before. This whole appetite for a female serial killer on screen, and not just that — a star crossed obsessive love she has for the detective hunting her down is what helped the show soar in season 1, and in season 2, it's double the trouble; which makes us wonder — should Villanelle be scared?


We were introduced to the said killer all the way back in season 1, where it was believed that she is dead. Season 2 reveals all of that could be just a bunch of bullsh*t as even though Villanelle might be trying to find asylum and recluse in the Parisian streets, dead bodies start turning up left right and center back in London, where Eve lives. As the prospect of a new foe haunts Eve, what she also cannot get over is the possibility of Villanelle having come back. Episode 1 already saw Carolyn warning her to be safe in case Villanelle is alive, but knowing Eve, it probably thrilled her more than leaving her scared for her life. 



So as she embarks on this journey of figuring out whose preys are turning up as dead bodies, she finally gets some answers regarding the identity of the killer. She knows it's not Villanelle because of the way these murders are happening. The new killer — dubbed 'The Ghost — believes in slipping in and out of the murder scene, doing her job quietly, without getting noticed. And we all know that's something Villanelle would never do. Her killing techniques are just as extravagant and flamboyant as her closet full of couture, and she doesn't believe in going the silent way. This is what actually makes the viewer wonder if Villanelle should be worried about the recent developments.


The reason worry comes into the question is that Nadia — even though she hasn't been established as alive particularly — was Villanelle's ex, a former colleague, and even former cellmate. In a bid to silence Nadia once and for all from divulging her secrets to the detectives, Villanelle took her life in prison, and it was in those last and final moments that Nadia had managed to write Eve the letter which proves to be our connection to her in season 2.



We can make a rough estimate that Villanelle was never into Nadia the way she is into Eve, but it's still a little fishy how the recent events line up. Villanelle disappears, Eve gets a letter from Nadia, a new serial killer shows up in the town, and we know for a fact it's not Villanelle. Could it be that Nadia is in fact back? Or she was never as dead as we believed her to be? Regardless, as of now, Eve has been tasked with the investigation of the new killer's murders. and as she herself claims, "this is going to drive Villanelle crazy."


In other areas, we have Eve bearing the brunt of the casual workplace chides, but she'd rather have coworkers believe she's having an affair with the boss' very young son than have them in on the case. And in time, we also learn the glorious secrets of Carolyn's absolutely flawless looks all the time. (It's her moisturizer that's made with pig's placenta, she reveals). But the biggest entertainer has to be Villanelle running about the streets of Paris, tricking people, stealing clothes from laundromats — yes, the ugly kind cause she can't afford to be picky at all. And even though her breakdowns in this episode were not at all foreseeable, we're glad we got them because it truly shines Comer's talent. And finally, we're happy to see Eve and Niko's marriage working out fine so far. If those two can't make it, who can?

'Killing Eve' airs on Sundays, only on BBC America.

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