'Killing Eve': Fans are loving Villanelle and Carolyn, say 'their dynamic is everything'

'Killing Eve': Fans are loving Villanelle and Carolyn, say 'their dynamic is everything'
Carolyn and Villanelle in 'Killing Eve' (BBC)

BBC's 'Killing Eve' pulled out quite an interesting episode this week. There is no doubt that after a dismal start, the show is now picking up the pace. However, things are changing dramatically as this time the focus was on some increasingly deranged pairings.

The new pairs in the show were of Eve (Sandra Oh) and Helene (Camille Cotin), Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), Pam (Anjana Vasan) and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia). However, they do come second to Eve and Villanelle's earliest pairing, but it's invigorating to watch the well-worn characters parley with their new partners. Villanelle sets up an interesting dynamic with a new partner. On the other hand, Helene tries to check Eve's bravado. In Episode 4 of 'Killing Eve', Villanelle is stuck behind bars while Eve accepts Helen's invitation to meet in the West End, where they eat puddings from glass pots. This screams richness. 


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Not to mention, Helene also springs Villanelle from prison and gives her a "personal" assignment. Carolyn, who is in Havana to interrogate a Russian agent, finds herself kidnapped by Villanelle. Villanelle, however, seemed too intrigued to kill Carolyn after she is told that they had met a long time ago, back when Villanelle was a child. Carolyn reminds her of the young Villanelle taking revenge on a girl who wronged her by cutting off circulation to one of her fingers while she slept, so that it turned black and had to be amputated. "Why waste your time being good, when you could just be good at what you're good at?" she asks Villanelle and our heroine is inspired. In fact, she even helps Carolyn interrogate the Russian agent and their camaraderie could even fool you into thinking that this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship for Carolyn and Villanelle.

Undoubtedly the episode was strangely entertaining, improving upon mistakes and maybe opening doors to special episodes in the coming weeks. As soon the episode ended, fans took to commenting about the new pair. A fan tweeted,"#KEWatchParty@KillingEve I need more carolyn and villanelle! Their dynamic is everything." Another appreciated Carolyn and Villanelle's duo and tweeted,"@KillingEve #KEWatchParty CAROLYN AND VILLANELLE IS A DUO I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED." Another fan tweeted, "Ah, it's so wonderful to see a young woman like #villanelle branching out into new ways to use her talents. Sometime worthy. And she's so intersectional and inclusive. Cool. Can we hire her for the Colmillos on the left we call Debate Bros? #KillingEve." Another fan tweeted,"Crazy good loved villanelle and Carolyns scenes so much #killingeve."





'Killing Eve' airs on every Sunday at 8 pm ET.

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