Throwback: Kellyanne Conway looks unrecognizable in old video before she joined White House

A video from 1995 showed 28-year-old Conway rocking a beige pantsuit and her signature blond hair

                            Throwback: Kellyanne Conway looks unrecognizable in old video before she joined White House
Right now, Kellyanne Conway (L) has wavy hair but used to rock curly locks (R) back in 1995 (Alex Wong/Getty Images and C-Span)

Ex-senior counselor to former President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway has changed her look over the years. It has often been said that her younger days' photos are very different from what she looks like now. The 54-year-old has reportedly rocked several looks, right from her early days to her eventual rise to the White House.

A 1995 video showed the 28-year-old Conway rocking a beige pantsuit and her signature blond hair. At the time as Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, she was part of a Women in Politics panel for C-SPAN. In the video, available on YouTube’s The Film Archives channel, she was called a “distinguished pollster”, who was working under then-President Ronald Reagan. At that time, she also became the founder of a firm called Polling Company whose clients were Vaseline, American Express, and Hasbro.


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However, Conway attracted the attention of mainstream media when she started working with Trump on a senior advisory position within his campaign to engage female voters. She was the replacement of Paul Manafort as a campaign manager before successfully running a US presidential drive. And as she entered the White House, her 'look' began to change.

Kellyanne Conway speaks to members of the media at the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on January 10, 2020, in Washington, DC (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The mother-to-four kids reportedly looked tired in her initial days at the White House. However, a year later, her appearance at a Fox News interview left people surprised because she looked very fresh. At the time, some viewers suspected that she had undergone a neck lift, while some thought of cosmetic procedures like botox, a brow lift, and an eye lift.

A user had tweeted, “@KellyannePolls Wow you looked spectacular today- 10 years younger and what was it? More sleep hair style? Anyway [email protected] great save this day for reference if you had an artist be sure to point this out.” Journalist Elizabeth Vargas said, “She is unrecognizable.” But former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly defended her saying, “Don’t you love these Hollywood & other far left ppl ripping @KellyannePolls for her looks and alleged plastic surgery when normally they are lecturing the rest of us on how these things are STRICTLY OFF LIMITS for any decent member of society? (Unless the target is a Republican?).”




Dr Daniel Barrett tried to explain the reason behind her refreshed look. He told HollywoodLife, “I can safely say on this she’s had a facial resurfacing procedure such as a C02 laser. Facial resurfacing with a C02 fractionated laser penetrates the deep dermal layers to create trauma which in turn, creates collagen! This helps with overall skin texture and tone. The healing response minimizes pores and ultimately resurfaces the skin.”

He had continued, “It also appears she’s had considerable hyaluronic acid fillers and/or facial fat grafting. That lifts the face and fills in volume,” before adding, “[Kellyanne] looks great, everything looks very naturally done. She may have even undergone a facelift which would help the lines around the mouth and create an overall lifted appearance.”

Kellyanne Conway speaks during an on-camera interview at the White House on December 16, 2019, in Washington, DC (Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

However, Conway has never commented on her changing look. But when questioned by The New York Post about the makeover in 2020, she did not say anything. She instead said that she’d been “at the White House consistently throughout the pandemic and task force activities,” before adding, “(Thank you though).”

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