Claudia Conway claims mom Kellyanne was arrested for assaulting her, but had immunity under Trump: 'I have proof'

Kellyanne later said she had no immunity and that her daughter was 'gaslighting us all'

                            Claudia Conway claims mom Kellyanne was arrested for assaulting her, but had immunity under Trump: 'I have proof'
Kellyanne Conway preparing to appear on 'Meet The Press' (Getty Images)

In a never-ending dramatic saga of mother-daughter fights, Kellyanne Conway’s daughter has now reportedly claimed that she has "proof" that her mother “assaulted” her. The Sun reported that New Jersey police officers visited the Conways’ house on Tuesday, January 26, in relation to the nude photo leak investigation. The 16-year-old was reportedly live on social media when the cops visited and she accused Trump’s former White House adviser of leaking her nude pictures.

She said she had "literally proof of her assaulting me. And they had to arrest her because the Secret Service was there. You have immunity. You were working for Donald Trump at the time,” Claudia was heard in the clip.

Kellyanne Conway talks to reporters outside of the West Wing (Getty Images)

However, the 54-year-old was heard refusing her daughter’s allegations. She said she did not "have immunity" and accused the teenager of “gaslighting all of us". But in response, Claudia said, “You're gaslighting me. I don't feel comfortable being near you." On Tuesday, January 26, the young woman was also doing face timing with YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who was live-streaming the call on Instagram when police came to the house of Conways. In the video, a woman believed to be Kellyanne was heard telling the officers "just take her [Claudia] away, she's an addict”.

Then the teen girl reportedly confronted the woman and asked, what she is "addicted to," to which the latter responded saying she was addicted to her phone that she uses too much. "You can't compare this to alcoholism,” Claudia angrily added. "You went right to TikTok. See you have an addiction, you need to break this addiction, you need to go somewhere that they help girls like you,”  the woman in the live footage said while referring to her TikTok videos about the leak. She also told the officers about Claudia that “I don't think she's going to make it this time, she needs serious evaluation."

Earlier, it was reported that after Claudia’s nude photos were posted on Kellyanne’s Twitter, she accused her mother and said she "deserves to go to jail". However, later she showed “faith” in Kellyanne. George Conway, the father of Claudia, posted a TikTok video on behalf of her daughter on his Twitter account. The video had a message from Claudia that stated, “Hi guys, I just wanted to come on here and address the situation. This isn't forced, this is coming completely coming from me, Claudia. I have faith and I know that my mother would never put something like that on the internet as well as me — we would never do that. My mom and I, we fight like mothers and daughters.”

Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

It added: “But we also love like mothers and daughters. And I do love her. I will be taking a break from social media because we are really tired of being headlines and we fight like mothers and daughters but being in the public eye exacerbates that greatly and it adds a lot of stress to both of our lives and I don't want that. I don't want any drama. I don't want any hate. So I will be leaving social media for a bit to work on my relationship with my mom and my family. Please do not incite hate or violence on my family. Please. No threats. No calls to the authorities. I love my mom and she loves me."

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