Kehlani lashes out for cut set at ‘embarrassing' Yam Carnival

Kehlani lashes out for cut set at ‘embarrassing' Yam Carnival
Kehlani and Yam Carnival (Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images/Instagram@yamcarnival)

Music festivals have now opened the gates after facing a complete shutdown last year due to the global Covid-19 lockdown. And, making its debut this year, Yam Carnival in London roped-in heavyweights like Davido, Kehlani, Mr Eazi and a few others to completely floor the audience.

However, things did not go down as planned as the festival faced a lot of technical glitches which then got dubbed as “embarrassing” by social media users. Kehlani, who landed on the stage on Saturday, August 27 too had to face the embarrassment after her performance was cut short leaving her fans disappointed. The 26-year-old songstress, who is best known for her single ‘Nights Like This’, seemed really pissed off as she took to Twitter to express her anger. Speaking of music festivals, we recently saw the Lollapalooza Music festival leaving the fans impressed despite a few technical errors.

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Who organized Yam Carnival?

The very first edition of Yam Carnival in South London was headlined by two of Nigeria’s biggest artists- Davido and Mr Eazi. The event was organized by Afro Nation, the Portuguese festival that attracts various cultural strands from the African diaspora. The event also hosted several food trucks in order to serve dishes inspired by the continent. After the recent fiasco, the organizers too faced a lot of heat on Twitter as social media users did not shy away from dragging them over horrible sound and long queues for food.

Kehlani lashes out at Yam Carnival

With an intention to slam the festival, the California singer-songwriter took to her Twitter account with more than two million followers. The talented songstress, who could only perform four songs expressed her valuable opinion saying that the festival owned the fans a fu**ing concert. “Yam carnival crowd, they owe you a fu**ing concert!”  In the videos surfaced on the Internet, we could see Kehlani struggling with the sound system and at one point, the singer went for an acapella when the music completely got shut down- thanks to the technical glitches.








‘Absolutely horrific and shambolic sound’

Fans of Kehlani rushed to Twitter to dismiss Yam Carnival as one of them said, “The disrespect they gave you and the crowd.. ridiculous.” Whereas, another stated, “This is the most embarrassing event I’ve ever been to. Tech problems are one thing but for them to persist for this long I’m lost for words.  Absolutely horrific and shambolic sound. Big ups to @Kehlani and @davido for staying professional.” The next one added, “To me, Kehlani gives off patient, understanding vibes so you must have really messed up if she’s pissed.”
One user tweeted, “With all the sound issues Davido, Beenie Man, and Kehlani really tried at Yam Carnival. Even though we couldn’t hear them well.” Another user stated, “Shoutout to Yam Carnival for having 2 hour queues for food, nonsensical lineup clashes, terrible sound on the main stage, and causing kehlani to be over 40 minutes late then cutting her set after 4 songs. £80 for hands down the worst festival I've ever been to, great job guys!” While one person concluded, “You guys deserved so much better than that and so did we. Thanks to everyone who made it out. @Kehlani and our whole crew was ready. #YamCarnival was not. Y’all better give that crowd their money back.”














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