Is Kehlani bisexual? Singer kisses Kiana Lede in ' Ur Best Friend' music video, sparks rumors

The sizzling chemistry between Kiana Lede and Kehlani in the sensuous video left the fans wondering if Kehlani is bisexual

                            Is Kehlani bisexual? Singer kisses Kiana Lede in ' Ur Best Friend' music video, sparks rumors
Fans are speculating Kehlani is bisexual after she appeared on Kiana Lede's 'Ur Best Friend' music video (YouTube/ Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Harper's BAZAAR )

Kiana Lede dropped the music video of her latest song 'Ur Best Friend' featuring a steaming hot kiss with Kehlani on Friday, July 30, sparking rumors among fans that the latter was bisexual. 

The video, which was an instant hit with music lovers, garnering over 300,000 views on YouTube in just a day, was also directed by Kehlani, who featured in the song. the sensual nature of the video and the sizzling chemistry between the two singers left the fans wondering if Kehlani is bisexual. Both the singers have since taken to their respective social media pages to thank the fans for showing the video much love. Some of the other music videos that recently created a buzz are Kanye West ‘Donda’, EXO’s D.O.'s ‘Empathy,' Steve Aoki's BTS 'MIC Drop' remix and Lil Nas X's 'Industry Baby'. 


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"Really wanna thank everyone who worked so very hard on this it was a beautiful day and i’m so proud of my team & Kiana/her team. she was awesome to direct and co star with. thank you @kianalede & thank you bestieeeeee @vicmensa UR BESTFRIEND out now!" Kehlani wrote in the caption, as she posted the video on Instagram and Kiana posted the same writing, "Thank you so so much to everyone that helped put this MOVIE together. Thank you for your dedication, energy, love, and time it took to make this happen."





Is Kehlani bisexual?

The music video sets up a birthday party where Kehlani raises a toast in honor of her best friend. Meanwhile, as the video progresses, Kiana talks about the risk she’s willing to take to explore who she really is and who she wants to be with. It becomes apparent that it is a love triangle where she is in a relationship with a guy while also having flames for Kehlani. The two women who clearly have strong feelings for each other decide to let their desires take over after the party is done, sharing a passionate kiss towards the end. 



Although the fans have speculated whether Kehlani also liked men, the 25-year-old singer has always been open about her sexuality. During an Instagram live in April 2021, Kehlani revealed that she is a lesbian, as she said, “I am gay ga-gay gay!!!” She said that her family and friends knew about her sexuality even before she did. Kehlani also claimed to have understood more about her sexuality now than she did in the past. Back in 2018, Kehlani clearly stated that she was “not bi, not straight.” She had also claimed, “i’m attracted to women, men, REALLY attracted to queer men, non-binary people, intersex people, trans people.”

She dated guitarist and music artist Javaughn Young-White and shares her 2-year-old daughter Adeya Nomi with him. However, the pair don't look like they are together at present.

'The bisexual anthem'



However, it did not stop fans from getting bisexual vibes from Kehlani after watching the music video, which they voiced out loud on social media. "I’m over here like bruhhhhh Kehlani just triggers my bisexual ness," one of them said while another noted, "I love that kehlani is openly bisexual lol that’s my girlllllll." A third noted, "the bisexual struggle pictured in this mv.. i felt that." The next pointed out, "that fookin bisexual lighting gets me everytime." One more remarked, "@KianaLede & @Kehlani really gave us the bisexual anthem we needed whew thank you so so much."

A commenter tweeted, "I don’t be watching Kehlani music videos cause it reminds me that I’m a bisexual that married a man like damn women are just." Another commented, "I wonder how many men now feel insecure about their girlfriends having lesbian or bisexual best friends after watching Kiana ledé’s music video to 'ur best friend' featuring kehlani. @KianaLede for this mornings win." One more quipped, "I dont understand the chorus of Ur Best Friend @KianaLede @Kehlani like I assume it’s about 2 best friends that like each other but one has a man, no? Am I just a dumb bisexual? Someone explain pls."